Procrastination is a fifteen letter word

Procrastination is something I keep putting off getting a handle on.

The funny thing is that I absolutely hate having things hanging over my head. I can’t stand having dishes sit in the sink. If I need to purchase a gift I usually do it weeks in advance – and the wrapping is almost always done at least a few days ahead of time. Pay a bill? Almost always done days or weeks in advance, and always, always on time.

Lord knows I get angry with my husband for putting things off to the last possible moment. It drives me nuts.

Yet there are things that I let wait and linger and float somewhere in my consciousness for days, weeks, months or years.

Today I called my insurance company to ask why two claims hadn’t been paid. One was from January. The other was from 2005.

Gawd, that was embarrassing to type.

It’s not that I hadn’t thought about it. Once a week or so. It’s just that I was either too tired, or too lazy, or too busy. Or I just wasn’t in the mood for a fight.

So, I gave my insurance company a nearly $500 interest-free loan.

Until today.

Remind me not to do that again, k?

Except that there are lots of things still hanging. I can barely see the sky.

Sigh.  There’s always tomorrow.


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