A Frugal Conundrum – What Would You Do?

What do you do with gifts you don’t/cannot use? Would you do what I did?

We live in a townhouse that is a wonderful size for one person, snug for two, and cramped for three. Given that there are three people plus a dog, it’s a constant struggle to keep the clutter at bay.

We have wonderful family and friends, and they are very generous with us and with our son. I love to throw big birthday parties for him, and they’ve all been truly wonderful affairs, with lots of fun and laughter.

And lots and lots of presents (I know we could request “no presents”, and I have a lot to say on that subject – in another yet-to-be-written post).

We have very limited toy storage. As a result, there were several unopened toys being stored in my son’s closet that we hadn’t gotten around to opening, either because they were too big to be able to really be used in our small living area or smaller driveway, because they were duplicates of things we already had or they were items I bought as “emergency gifts” that I’ve never had to use.

Some were really terrific, too. I so hate that we don’t live in a larger home, so he could have enjoyed the use of some of those items. We’re working on moving, and it can’t come fast enough for me.

So, this week I cleaned out that closet (this week’s battle in the De-cluttering Wars) and schlepped several items to a local store. I was upfront, told them that I had no idea if they were purchased at said store or not. The Service Representative assured me that if they sold the item they would happily give me a store credit for the items. Hot dog!

There was only one item that wasn’t in their system, so I walked away from the counter with a store credit for $107.36.

Which I promptly used to buy several smaller-in-size gifts for my son, and a few gifts for other people.

Controversial, I know.

What do you think? Frugal Coup or Icky Poo?


4 Responses to “A Frugal Conundrum – What Would You Do?”

  1. thedomesticdiva Says:

    I think what you did was perfectly fine. I mean, you can only fit so much in your living space. I’m sure your child has plenty.

    Instead of doing the “no gifts please,” you could always let your child pick 3 of his/her favorites, then return the rest, give them to a child who does not have, donate the refunded toys money to charity, or do exactly what you did.

    Most of us would do what you did. Heck, you could always purchase something in the store that you need whether it be diapers, children’s pajamas or sleeping bag…KWIM?

    With friendship,

  2. Patty Says:

    I think you handled it perfectly.

  3. learningwoman Says:

    Good work, what a resourceful woman. 🙂

  4. Martha not stewart Says:

    totally agree – it’s completely acceptable. the store gets the merchanidise to re-sell and you get more space. and you were completely honest in the process :o)

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