The Bachelor Says “No Thank You.”

Tonight the final Two Bachelorettes, who are still Bachelorettes, came back to bitch out Brad.I don’t get why they’re arguing with him.  He’s not wrong not to have fallen in love.  He’s not wrong to have not told them – that’s the premise of the show that they all signed up for, for goodness sake.  It’s not wrong that he dated them and then decided he didn’t want either.

It’s not ingenuine to see that someone is wonderful and has all of the qualities you are looking for, but you just don’t get the butterflies.  It’s not explainable, and they tried to force him to explain.

The whole idea of dating is to try someone on and see if they fit.  If they don’t fit, well, you move on.  What they do with The Bachelor is accellerate the process by having you date 25 people all at once.   If neither of the final two are right for him, why should he have to choose one?  Just because they’re on a TV show?  That has a history of stringing along the women until they get the boot?  I just wonder if that wasn’t his plan all along.

Ladies, have some dignity.  He’s just not that into you.

See my comments after the Final Rose Ceremony here.


3 Responses to “The Bachelor Says “No Thank You.””

  1. paidtwice Says:

    But it is disingenuous to cling onto one of the two girls at the After the final rose thing right before the commercial break and say “You don’t know how much I miss you” as she’s about to walk into the sunset?

    Luckily my closed captioning captured her response for me: “Don’t say
    that to me now”

    She should have slapped him. She deserved closure and he’s too f-ed up to give it to her.

    No, it isn’t wrong to not choose anyone. But how he did it and how he’s doing it is just craptastic. He could have stopped feeling them up once
    he realized he wasn’t so into them. 😉

  2. BeThisWay Says:

    Excellent comments, paidtwice.

    I completely agree with you about the way he ended it, and especially the groping. He’s sending mixed messages. I thought what was coming out of his mouth was okay, but he kept touching. And kept touching. If you say “No, thank you,” you give up the right to touch.

    He was boorish and unfair with that – and with that last comment to the girl (which I somehow missed), and didn’t gain many new fans last night.

    Still, the premise of the show is to lead women on until they’re dumped or proposed to. And many of the first 23 girls were shocked to be dumped, just like these last two. I don’t think he’s much different than most of the other guys who wound up dumping the girls shortly after the show ended, except that he dumped her publicly – just like the other 24 girls.

    To me the lousiest thing he did was tell her he sent the other girl home. He could have withheld that and not made her think she won, only to crush her.

    If it were me (short pause as we wait for the laughter to die down), I would have made sure I was fabulously happy and dating (even casually). I would have totally downplayed my own feelings. I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction, or the power.

    Looks like I could h ave wrotten another post about this. LOL

  3. Patty Says:

    Both of the girls made me giggle, I have to say it. I wonder though how much of their witchyness was for the camera, and how much of it they really felt.

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