My First Meme – Five Classes to Fix My Life

I was tagged for a meme (what the heck is a meme anyway?) by my friend over at Remodeling This Life, and I’ve been remiss in not responding until now. We’re supposed to list 5 classes we’d like to take that we think would fix our life, plus another one we’d like to take with tagger, Ms. RTL.

Ms. RTL has a very active list, and I’m…not. I’d love to take Marathon Training 101 with her, but I’d have to lose a bit of weight, and have 2 herniated disks in my neck and 1 bulging disk in my back miraculously heal. I used to run in another life, though, and enjoyed everything about it, except for the actual running. I would love to take that Photography class with Ms. RTL and PaidTwice, though…

Well, since those don’t apply I think I’ll have to choose Stucco, Fence, House Renovations, etc… 101. Not that my husband will ever let me near his tools, but hey, I could always buy some of my own. RTL & I could have some real fun in that class.

Okay, here’s some classes I’d take.

Understanding the Stock Market 101 – I know nothing. I have never wanted to know anything. I still don’t want to know anything. But I think I should know something.

How to Start Liking Foods That Are Good for You and How to Make You Think That Everything You Love to Eat (But Is Not Good For You) Tastes Like Brussel Sprouts 101 – I think this one would help me lose some weight, and keep it off.

How to Get Others To Clean Your House and Pay You For The Privilege 101 – I think that would be a really popular class. I hope there’s an opening.

How to Get Top Dollar For Your House in a Horrible Real Estate Market 101 – I’m hoping they have cocktail hours with those crazy cats over at How to Pay More For a Townhouse Than It’s Worth 101.

Sewing Refresher 101 – My husband got me the sewing machine I wanted two years ago – and I still haven’t opened it. I need a refresher course on sewing. And I need someone to show me how to set up the machine. But most of all I need a house with space to use it.

And now my five lucky tagees:

In The Hole at It’s About Time I Woke Up
Learningwoman at Learningwoman’s Weblog
Scienceesl at So Beyond Broke
Kate at One More Thing
meonlybetter at Me, Only Better

Sorry if you’ve already been tagged – let me know and I ‘ll remove you.


4 Responses to “My First Meme – Five Classes to Fix My Life”

  1. learningwoman Says:

    Many Thanks 🙂

  2. Kate Says:

    As lame as this sounds, I honestly can’t do this meme. I went through such a long and intensive self-help zone for several years… it’s not that I think I’m perfect now (BWAA-HAA-HAA, there’s a concept), just that I feel like I’ve done those classes I needed to and now I’m good enough.

    I recognize that it sounds both lame and self-congratulatory at the same time… I’ll own the lame but am not intending to be all go-me about it. I just can’t come up with decent, focused responses.

  3. cheechcat Says:

    Sorry Hon, I’ve been tagged already 🙂 Nice try though 🙂

    But, I would definitely like to take “How to Get Others To Clean Your House and Pay You For The Privilege 101” with you! LOL!!

  4. paidtwice Says:

    Um… you seriously know everything about everything you ever wanted to know? They aren’t all self-help of the internal kind classes. BeThatWay’s taking Sewing 101, not so much an internal process. I took Photography 101 and Chemistry 401.

    Live a little. Maybe a knitting class. 😉

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