A Jewish Dilemma…Chanukah Ham

Ever hear the one about the Jewish dilemma – free ham?

Well, apparently New York’s Balducci’s grocery store doesn’t get that joke.  According to blogger NancyKay Shapiro , some well intentioned but seriously clueless staffer there thought it would be a good idea to advertise their hams on cards that say, “Delicious for Chanukah“.

Oh, yes they did.


She has pictures, too.

And, in the spirit of true capitalism (and lending credence to a certain stereotype), she is already selling mugs, shirts and aprons sporting said photos.

Oh, yes she is.

They’d make great Chanukah gifts.

4 Responses to “A Jewish Dilemma…Chanukah Ham”

  1. Kate Says:

    Fabulous. Brought to you by the letter DUH.

  2. cheechcat Says:

    LOL!! That’s funny 🙂

  3. Trucker T Says:

    Boy those Jews and Muslims don’t know what their missing!

    Thank God I’m Catholic cuz I LOVE BACON! mmmm

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