Perhaps Jewish girls shouldn’t have Christmas trees

I think He is trying to tell me something.

We put up our Christmas tree last Thursday, and all was well.

Then, yesterday, I attempted to put water in the base of our new tree stand, which I had bought on sale after Christmas last year. It’s a really cool stand – supposed to be one-person workable, easy as pie, make your Christmas even better. We were impressed.

And the tree looked beautiful. It was a perfect tree. The One. We’d had The Moment. You know, that moment when you just look at each other and know you’ve found the perfect tree.

We decorated it, and it looked lovely. Then, yesterday, I tried to put water in it. It did not go well.

The tree fell over. Yes, it really did.

The stand had broken, in a way that my post-tragedy online research has revealed is all too common with this type of stand.

Okay. We lost a few ornaments, nothing too tragic. We put the tree in a bucket so it wouldn’t dry out, cleaned up the mess and planned to go out in search of another stand today.

Which I did. I had to break my promise not to purchase any more Christmas stuff this year. I bought a very plain, regular stand. No muss, no fuss.

So, tonight we tried to put up the tree again. Tried being the operative word.

Seems the tree’s trunk is too narrow for the stand I bought.

Yes, it really is.

My husband now insists that he’s done, and this is the last real tree we’ll ever have. We’re supposed to immediately purchase a faux tree, complete with lights for next year.

As if.

So, tomorrow I have to go out and buy yet another tree stand. And if this doesn’t work, I don’t have to worry about what He is trying to tell me because the other “he” in my life, my dear husband, will throw the tree out the window.


3 Responses to “Perhaps Jewish girls shouldn’t have Christmas trees”

  1. scienceesl Says:

    Did you return the one that was too big?

  2. BeThisWay Says:

    I will, tomorrow.

    Luckily I did find one today. We shall see in about two hours whether my tree is standing in my living room or in a heap on the street.

  3. jrochest Says:

    If you didn’t buy a new stand: you can make a better-than-store bought one with a round bucket, a piece of wood cut to fit the bottom of the bucket, and enough large (fist sized or bigger) sized rocks to fill the bucket.

    The process is simple: cut a slice off the bottom of the tree with a handsaw, if it’s not straight enough. Nail the round piece of wood onto the bottom of the trunk; one very big nail will do the job nicely. Stand the tree upright into the bucket. One of you hold it upright while the other person jams as many rocks into the bucket as are necessary to hold the tree in place. When the tree is stable and straight and the bucket is heavily filled, fill the bucket with water (it holds a LOT which means you don’t lose as many needles). Swathe the bucket in a tree skirt.

    This is stable, cheap, and has a much better track record of keeping trees upright and watered that wonky stands.

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