Frugal vs. Sensible, and Which is Which?

I have a choice to make, and I’ve got to decide which of my choices makes the most sense, frugal or not.

My son slept in his crib-converted-to-toddler-bed until yesterday, when we trekked it across the state to a friend who will have use for such a contraption in about 5 months, give or take.

His new bed is an Ikea loft bed with a slide, inherited from his older cousin who at 8 years of age has sadly outgrown such coolness.

Ikea Slide Bed

Really, could any child have a more rockin’ bed?

So, we need a new twin mattress to make the bed complete. I am not one to purchase previously-owned mattresses – at least not from someone I don’t know well. The decision to buy new was easy.

What’s not so easy is deciding what quality of mattress to buy. After perusing the internet and visiting several local stores, I have narrowed my choices to two:

Option 1 , from a non-national company that is unknown to me. According to the salesman, that’s because they spend no money on advertising. Yeah, right. The quality of that bed I’ll rate as “okay”. Not good, not horrible. Price: $99.00

Option 2, from a national company that is not unknown to me. The quality is a step up from the other – somewhere between “decent” and “good”. Price $149.00

The difference is “only” $50, but here are the factors that keep this from being a no-brainer:

  • My son is three, and according to many sources doesn’t “need” a high quality mattress.
  • He will use this bed for about five years.
  • When he graduates to a new, conventional bed we’ll most likely get him a full-sized bed, not twin.
  • If we were to find a use for the twin mattress we’d have to purchase a foundation/boxspring.
  • If we keep the bed for five years, the difference is only $10 a year – less than $1 per month.
  • There’s something to be said for quality.

So, there you have it.  I haven’t decided yet, so I’m definitely taking suggestions.

Which, really, is the more frugal option? Which is the more sensible option? And are they mutually exclusive?

I can’t wait to see what you all think!


3 Responses to “Frugal vs. Sensible, and Which is Which?”

  1. Good Fountain Says:

    When I first read this I was thinking save the $50. But upon further thinking, I am kind of in the camp of spend the extra $50. If the more expensive mattress is even a little bit more comfortable, it’s worth $50.

  2. Casdok Says:

    Go with your gut feeling!!
    Good luck!!

  3. learningwoman Says:

    Hi BTW, great bed! My older son had one of these for a few years and he loved it. We bought the mattress from Ikea, along with the bed, which turned out to be a good move. Is that a possibility for you, or have they stopped selling them now, as they have here?
    PS: Climbing up to change the sheets got old pretty fast but it was worth it for the fun he had. We used to hang a sheet over the side too, so he and his friends could have a hideout.

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