Being Computer Illiterate has its Drawbacks

I’m a fairly smart cookie, in general. I read pretty well for a college graduate. I can do basic math in my head, so I’d know how to make change for customers without looking for the cash register to tell me. I know that the general rule of thumb in New York fashion is “always wear black.”

Computers in general are a mystery to me. I grew up in the “only really, really, really, REALLY geeky people own computers” age, and since I was utterly cool (a big fat lie, but at least I wasn’t a computer geek) I was late to the party. I can e-mail and blog and sell on Ebay and post listings on Craigslist. I can even convert a PDF to a JPEG using my Photoshop (which is really wasted on me, much to my husband’s chagrin).

I know just enough to get myself in big trouble. I don’t really get what RAM is, I don’t understand why I can’t just press a button to resize my photos, and I know nothing, NOTHING about programming. That’s why my husband called Apple when he had a problem.

That’s also why I have no idea what’s wrong with my Feedburner feed for this blog. I noticed that it was telling me I had no views, which thanks to you and my WordPress dashboard stats page I know is not even a little bit true. So I fumbled around their site a bit until I saw something about checking to see if my feed is valid. So check I did, and this is what it’s telling me:


This feed does not validate.

  • line 525, column 1401: Invalid character in a URI: ' ' [help]
    ... =justshootmenow&ref=&feed=1" /></div>]]></content:encoded>

In addition, interoperability with the widest range of feed readers could be improved by implementing the following recommendation.

line 2, column 0: The prefix “media” generally is associated with the namespace “; [help]

<rss version="2.0"


I’m literate enough to understand that there’s an invalid character on line 525.  And there’s something I could do in line 2 that would help my feed work better.  Got it.  But what to do about it?

So I click on the help links which are, apparently, written in Greek. I have no idea what’s wrong, let alone how to fix it. So if you’d like to get my feed, I recommend you just get it some other way. Which I really can’t explain to you, except that it may have something to do with the little orange thingy in the web address space…but that could be the Feedburner way…

See what I mean?

I’m so glad I have my Google reader.


5 Responses to “Being Computer Illiterate has its Drawbacks”

  1. Emily Says:

    Have you read through troubleshootize on your feedburner page? There’s some info there about what you’re describing. I’m illiterate too. Hope you can figure it out. Seeing stats is fun!

  2. BeThisWay Says:

    Hi Emily,

    Yes, that’s what led me to what I pasted, and their Greek explanations. Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Alison Says:

    Feedburner always says I have zero views too. I’ve never investigated why. I use it to see how many subscribers I have and use other stuff for my view stats

  4. InTheHole Says:

    LOL!! You know more than I do! I can even figure out how to install a feedburner to my blog (or whatever it’s called 🙂 )

    Good luck!

  5. paidtwice Says:


    “views” is when people click through on your posts to your site from your feed reader. It isn’t the same as people “viewing” your feed. that is represented by the # subscribed. And to register “views” you have to install some code from feedburner on your site. I honestly don’t remember where it is but I could find it if it is important to you. 🙂

    i can’t help you with the feed validation part, but I can tell you that i am subscribed to your feedburner feed and it does work, I get it. lol

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