Creative Carnivals Make for Lots of Link Love

I’m really having a good time with all of the carnivals, and am especially impressed by how creative some of the hosts are getting.

Case in point, Plonkee over at Plonkee Money gets the creativity award this week. As part of the Carnival of Money Stories, she cleverly weaved most of the entries, including my article on Counting Eggs and Chickens and Christmas Bonuses, into a bedtime story. Really, bravo!

Also check out the Festival of Frugality over at On Financial Success. I’m thrilled they included my article Auto Insurance 101: Part 1 ~ Before We Shop Let’s Understand What We Have. There are lots of other great articles, too. I’m really looking forward to writing more insurance articles, now that I’ve gotten started…

Politics has been on my mind quite a bit lately, and all of my political articles are…rant-y. I was happy to see my post Hey Legislators! Let’s make a Minimum 24-hour Jail Stay Mandatory accepted to the Carnival of Political Punditry at I’m a Pundit, too. I voted today, but since I am not affiliated with any party I wasn’t permitted to vote in the primaries. There was an important property tax relief amendment on the ballot, so I showed up and did my civic duty. It will, hopefully, help my house sell…

Another carnival accepted a political post from me. She Blogs, over at Sex and the South, included my article Politics is a Big Pile of Moose Poopy. That’s a cool carnival where all of the submissions are from women bloggers, and the subject matter really runs the gamut.

Women also rule at the Moms’ Blogging Carnival, hosted by Angelawd. My article Gross and Not-So-Gross Ways to Save Water, and Money was included. I really appreciate all of the great feedback I’ve gotten on that article!

The Carnival of Homeowners at Homeowners Insurance Lowdown included my article Foreclosure Affects New Buyers, Old Buyers and You, and had lots of other articles about the subprime mortgage crisis and real estate, most of which made me want to cry. My home has lost 30% of it’s value in a year and a half.

Excuse me while I go cry some more…


2 Responses to “Creative Carnivals Make for Lots of Link Love”

  1. Emily Says:

    Congrats on all of the carnivals!

    Hugs on your home value!

  2. goodfountain Says:

    Wow, you’re really getting around.

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