Today I Stole a Camera and Found a Treasure

Well, I really borrowed it, sort of.

Since my stepmother passed away last year my Dad has been having a hard time. He immediately asked my sisters and I to go through her clothes and jewelry in their room, and get them out of the house as soon as possible. So, we spent the first few days after her funeral doing that for him. It wasn’t easy, but we really wanted to do whatever we could to ease his pain. The rest of her things – books, knicknacks, and a houseful of other treasures and, frankly, junk, was left as it was. Not much has changed in the six months since. Really, there’s no rush.

Today I was at his house, and he was looking for his casino Player’s Club cards, as he’s off to Las Vegas next week. He isn’t sure where she kept the cards, so I helped him look in some of the most likely places.

I ran across her camera. She has a really cute little Canon Power Shot. She’d asked me to go with her to choose it, which was unusual because we didn’t get along much of the time, and in the thirty-five years I’d known her she had never before asked my advice on pretty much anything.

So, as I was looking for those cards I found myself with the camera in my hand. And I noticed there were pictures on it. Without asking my Dad I took it. Not to keep – it will be back where I found it before he returns from his trip. Still unusual, though, because I ask him before I move or take anything.

I took it so I could upload the pictures. I wanted to see what the images were. If there were any great shots of the two of them I’d have it framed. That’s what I thought.

There were only twenty-five, and most of them was from their last trip to London. The last few, though, were from Father’s Day, just three weeks before she died. We’d celebrated it at my brother’s house, and there were some cute pictures of the kids.

There was also one very unusual picture in there. One of she and I, each with an arm around the other.

Except for perhaps my wedding and my Bat Mitzvah (and I’m not even sure about those), I think it’s the only one there is. In thirty five years.

So there will be a photo framed. Just not the one I thought.

8 Responses to “Today I Stole a Camera and Found a Treasure”

  1. Emily Says:

    Hugs! I’m not really sure what to say but wanted to acknowledge the sentiment behind this post. Somehow I think it’ll mean a lot to your dad to see that photo also. And I hope in a small way it brings you some comfort too.

  2. Alison Says:

    That made me a bit teary. What a neat find.

  3. Kate Says:

    That’s pretty special.

    Sometimes crime does pay.

  4. Good Fountain Says:

    That’s eerie and special and meaningful all wrapped up in one.

    good find

  5. Lisa S. Says:

    Aww, that has me feeling all warm inside. You’re such a good egg.

  6. Patty Says:

    That is definitely pretty darn special. I am glad that you found it, the story makes my heart smile.

  7. learningwoman Says:

    That’s beautiful. I’m glad you found the photograph 🙂

  8. Debby Says:

    I’m so happy that you found this photo. Based on the photo and how much closer you and Dad have come in this last six months, it’s evident that you have come full circle.

    I hope that looking at that photo, you realize that she did truly love you. As do I…

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