Tonight I Ran Away From Home

I got really angry earlier this evening. Disproportionately angry. Could-feel-the-blood-coursing-through-my-veins angry.

My husband and I had a small spat. As I was expressing my displeasure (not nearly as civilly as that phrase suggests) I could feel my anger build – and even as it was happening I knew the anger was disproportionate to his (as I perceived it) transgression.

I walked into the other room, and my three-year-old started whining. And whining. And then he wasn’t listening. The very last thing that I needed to be dealing with, angry as I was. I sent him up to his father, and I sat here. And I seethed. For a long time. Very unusual for me – my anger usually abates very quickly.

A friend suggested that I get out of the house. That friend lives a thousand miles away, so I called up a local friend that I hadn’t talked to in about 8 months and made plans to get together with her. I spoke to my husband and he was pretty supportive (he knows how rare it is that I react as I did), though he did request I be home by ten. I was noncommittal.

So my friend and I went and played Bingo, and then went out for a drink. It was good to get out, and Bingo is always fun (though I always think I should do my hair in a beehive and bring kewpie dolls as good luck charms).

So, now I’m home, mellowed a bit on my 1/2 glass of wine (it really doesn’t take much alcohol to get me buzzed), and am not wanting to poke my husband in the eye any more. Good thing he had no comment about my 11:45 arrival…

And another thing – I am soooooooo glad I’m not single anymore. Listening to my friend talk about her dating stuff, looking around at the obviously single people in that bar…ugh. I enjoyed being single, but the dating scene was always very stressful for me. It’s good to know I’m home. In more ways than one.

6 Responses to “Tonight I Ran Away From Home”

  1. Good Fountain Says:

    Getting out is good for the soul. You shouldn’t wait until you are seething to do it though. (Lecture over.)

    I’m glad I’m not single either. Those are days I don’t miss at all either.

  2. Kate Says:

    I’m glad you were able to escape when you needed to. And I’m glad you were able to come home again.

  3. scienceesl Says:

    I am glad you were able to get away for a couple of hours of me time! It does a body good, and I always find that when I don’t get enough “me” time in there somewhere thats when I get angriest at J.

  4. Emily Says:

    Good for you. And good for hubby knowing what was good for him and not commenting.

  5. In The Hole Says:


    Spousal spats suck ass!! I’m glad you were able to get away and enjoy some time with a friend.

  6. learningwoman Says:

    Yay for you! What a great way to handle it. I’m glad you felt better. 🙂

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