This is What They Call Playing for Both Teams, and Then Some

Getting in the Super Bowl spirit, the hosts of two blogging festivals I entered, Lynnae over at and PaidTwice over at I’ve Paid For This Twice Already…, decided to start the first ever Personal Finance Super Bowl.

The inaugural event pits the finesse of the Team Frugal at the Festival Of Frugality against the speed of Team Finance at the Festival of Personal Finance, both of which included the same article by me, Auto Insurance 101 Part 2: Ten Tips For Shopping Smart.


There are lots of terrific articles in both Festivals. Check these out at the Festival Of Frugality:

Things You Never Thought Were Negotiable at Value For Your Life. Amanda shows us how to negotiate to get a good deal. Some good tips here!

12 Strategies for Saving Money While Paying Your Bills at The Digerati Life. Easy things you can do to make sure you’re only paying what you have to. I put EVERYTHING on my credit cards to maximize my rewards, then pay them off each month.

I also really liked these at the Festival of Personal Finance:

Being Frugal shares a step by step guide to investing in Practical Investing Guide for Beginners. Some useful info there!

And if it weren’t bad enough that I’m playing on both teams for those two festivals, that same article on buying auto insurance was also included in The Carnival of Money Stories over at Bankergirl and at Mom’s Blogging Carnival over at Lightening. In my defense I didn’t submit these all at the same time, and I forgot that I’d submitted it so many times before (I am old, as people who I think are just pretending to be my friends tell me). Still, I think it’s time to retire that article…

But please do check out The Carnival of Money Stories. I liked The Stock Market is On Sale! by Kyle about why you should invest now. I hate to miss any bargain, but I’m still too much of a fraidy cat to enter the stock market.

Mom’s Blogging Carnival is a really great carnival that has so many different categories, all written by (call me Ms. Obvious) Moms. That’s why they also accepted my article A Nebulizer Commits Suicide, about my son’s asthma. I was impressed by Woman Tribune’s article Baby Furniture Makeover which showed some great ideas for re-purposing a changing table. Impressive!

Finally, the Carnival of Family Life was kind enough to include my article The Forgotten Foreclosure Victims: Pets. I wrote several other posts the day I wrote that one, so I think it may have been lost in the shuffle. Also at that carnival, I chuckled when I read kailani’s post Do You Flush? posted at An Island Life. She obviously hadn’t read my post Gross and Not-So-Gross Ways to Save Water!

Perhaps next week I’ll enter a few fewer carnivals.

Perhaps not.


3 Responses to “This is What They Call Playing for Both Teams, and Then Some”

  1. paidtwice Says:

    You could enter the same amount of carnivals and just use a few more articles… 😉

  2. kailani Says:

    Thank you for the shout out! Boy, I thought I participate in a lot of carnivals! LOL!

  3. Holly Says:

    Thanks so much for including the baby changing table to drink cart post, I really appreciate the shout out! I also participate in quite a few carnivals myself, but hey, they’re there to be utilized, right?

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