Good to Know In Case Your Disposal Ever Develops a Vile Smell

There was a smell coming from our garbage disposal. That happens, occasionally, when someone (Husband) doesn’t run the disposal after stuffing food down there. A little bit of baking soda and a good water flushing usually takes care of the problem.

Not this time.

This was The Smell That Wouldn’t Go Away. It was vile. It smelled like something went in there and died, like our poor garage visitor a few months ago (But at least that smell went away after we found and got rid of him). Actually, it smelled like something died, then took a bath in poop, and then died again.

Nothing I’d ever tried before worked to get rid of the smell. It was so bad Husband was ready to take out the disposal and put in a new one. Or move.

Cooler heads prevailed, though. I did a quick internet search and saw that adding a little vinegar to the baking soda until it stopped bubbling would do the trick.


It was kinda cool, too. I felt like I was doing a 5th grade science experiment.  My son thought it was hilarious.

Good to know…


3 Responses to “Good to Know In Case Your Disposal Ever Develops a Vile Smell”

  1. Kate Says:

    Putting in a whole lemon, sliced into small-enough chunks to not clog it, can work wonders, too. Really any citrus fruit. Not as cool as the baking soda/vinegar trick, but handy to know.

  2. mrsmacheide Says:

    Ours has been smelling since shortly after we had a new one put in and I’m really glad you posted this handy tip. I’ll be trying it tomorrow. Thanks!

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