Hide and Seek

Today my son lost Husband’s wedding ring.

Husband was showering, and Son picked up his ring and said, “I have your ring, Daddy!” Husband proceeded to tell him, in a very stern voice, to put it down immediately.

Anyone who has a three year old – and really anyone reading this – already knows that that didn’t happen.

Upon asking Son where the ring was, I was treated to the following answers:

In the potty.

In the sink.

I lost it.

In my potty.

In the drawer.

Not that drawer, that drawer.

On the roof.


At this point I assume he really cannot recall what he did with the ring.

So, we’ve been looking for it, saying “If I was a three-year-old what would I do with a ring?”

So, here’s a list of places we already know it isn’t.

It’s not in the toilet.

It’s not in the sink.

It’s not in the potty seat.

It’s not in the drawer.

It’s not in that drawer, either.

It’s also not in any of the three upstairs garbage pails, in his pocket or under the bed.

I’m assuming it’s not on the roof. But if we don’t find it tomorrow and Husband wants to go check, that’s up to him.

If you see it, please let Husband know.


3 Responses to “Hide and Seek”

  1. goodfountain Says:

    Did you look under the towel on the counter? My husband lost his ring for about a week once, turns out it was under a towel that was on the bathroom counter.

    Men don’t know how to look for things.

  2. Kate Says:

    I sure hope The Boy isn’t oral enough that you’ll need to check the potty… after…

  3. Patty Says:

    eeekkk… I hope its found soon, and I hope that Kate’s theory isn’t even close. 😉

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