Deal of the Day February 18, 2008

An Ikea store opened not far from me back in October and I still haven’t been.  Blasphemy!

Although I dearly love the place, in my efforts to spend less and only buy what I need I’ve tried to stay far, far away.  So far, successfully.

Now Ikea is offering a great deal that will test my resolve.

For a limited time, receive a gift card valued at up to $150 from IKEA with the purchase of any mattress. Spend $99-199 for a $25 gift card, $200-399 for a $50 gift card, $400-599 for a $100 gift card, and $600+ for a $150 gift card. Offer ends 03/16/2008.

If I hadn’t already bought a mattress for my son’s new-to-him Ikea slide bed, it would be much tougher to resist.  Still, Birthday March Madness is just around the corner, so I may be able to actually justify a visit…



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