Amazing Maize

If you’ve never experienced the delectability that is corn roasted on the barbecue, please, for the sake of your taste buds, remedy the situation as soon as possible.

If possible, purchase the corn from your local farmer’s market. It’s my experience that no only is the produce much better, it’s also much less expensive. And it has the added benefit of helping the food growers directly.

It is imperative that you cook it in the husk, and more than imperative that you soak the ears in a pot, tub or pail of water for as many hours as possible before you even light the grill.

Do not even think of wrapping the ears in aluminum foil.

I’ve know some people that have buttered the corn ahead of time, but I think that’s an unnecessary step. The corn I’ve enjoyed twice this week is so sweet, so full of flavor, so touch-yourself good that no butter is needed. It would, in my opinion, mask the natural flavor of the most delicious vegetable in G-d’s garden.

Thirty to forty-five minutes is all it takes, and trust me that after tasting it once you will, like me,  ignore the mouth-watering allure of the steak, the steamed clams and the roasted potatoes to once again savor that amazing maize.

Trust me.


10 Responses to “Amazing Maize”

  1. goodfountain Says:

    Ahem, maybe you could re-post this sometime in the summer for all your non-Florida readers. It’s like your rubbing salt in our cold-weather wounds.

  2. Kate Says:

    Love you, honey, but Bite Me. I can’t even open the back door in order to dig out my grill right now.

    Remind me of this in 4 months, and I’ll be a touch more receptive.

  3. BeThisWay Says:

    gf and Kate, if you knew how good it tasted you’d stand out in the cold and barbecue anyway. Or, fly to Florida and come to my house and I’ll cook it for you!

  4. Lisa Says:

    corn like that is also really good with some fresh lime rubbed on it and a sprinkle of salt.

    Oh and screw you.

  5. Patty Says:

    ROFLOL at the responses you are getting to this on!

  6. BeThisWay Says:

    Jealousy is seldom pretty, Patty.

  7. learningwoman Says:

    Yum BTW, it sounds fantastic and brings back all sorts of delicious memories. Still a bit cool here for BBQ-ing but give it a few weeks and I’ll be out there too 🙂

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