The Doctor Is Out

I’ve already posted about us having the flu-or-virus-like-it this week. It sucks, alot.

The good news, for me, is that I’ve finally decided to get a new doctor. This after calling her office yesterday morning to see if I actually needed to come in or if she would just call in an antibiotic for the likely bronchiolitis I’ve developed (not for the first time). I called at 9 am yesterday.

I’m still waiting for a return call.

Why didn’t I want to go in? First, her office is 45 minutes away. I had started seeing her when her office was 10 minutes from my office, but I’ve since stopped working and she’s since moved her office another fifteen minutes away.  Anyway, it’s 45 minutes away.

Second, I’m home alone with a sick pre-schooler. Husband went back to work after just a couple of days, not having been hit too hard, thank goodness.

Third, I have the flu-or-virus-like-it. I spend much of my time nauseous, and my dead houseplant has more energy than I do.

So, if I could have avoided going in I’d like to have. But if she had insisted on going in for an official office visit I would have gone. It would be nice to know if it’s the flu, or a virus like it. Also, I’d really not like to get pneumonia. Call me Ishmael.

So, I called first thing in the morning. I spoke to a girl who took copious notes( including my pharmacy telephone number), and assured me she would get back to me either way.

I called at noon; they were at lunch. I fell asleep at 1:30, and by the time I awoke they had left early for the weekend. A call to my pharmacy confirmed that they had totally blown me off.

So, I’m done.

It’s a shame. I really like my doctor. But this isn’t the first time her horribly ineffective – and sometimes rude- office staff has fallen way short of the mark. Heck, I’m still waiting for referrals to doctors I requested 6 months ago (thank goodness my plan stopped requiring them). And when I have the gall to inquire and express my displeasure I’ve been made to feel the chill on my next call and visit.

I’ve put up with it because I really like my doctor. But if her staff is so ineffective and lackadaisical and non-caring that I can’t expect the courtesy of a return call when I’m sick, well, that’s her bad.

And today I have to go to a not-covered-by-my-health-insurance urgent care center and spend money I wouldn’t have had to spend if I’d gotten that call. And that makes me cranky.


2 Responses to “The Doctor Is Out”

  1. Funny about Money Says:

    You should print this out and mail it to the doctor, in an envelope marked “personal” so it has a chance of getting past the front office staff. There’s no excuse for that kind of treatment.

    My doctor moved to the Mayo Clinic, an hour’s drive away, leaving us peons to his partners’ mercy. They also have perfectly awful front-office staff. When they a) would not get me in to see the doctor after I had a truly terrifying choking episode and b) canceled my appointment when I said I would have to go to the ER and c) made me sit in the waiting room for two hours with a soaring fever and a frantic cough, I decided it was worth driving an hour to go where they treat patients better than dogs.

    Despite the inconvenience of driving to the Mayo, I sure was glad I’d made the change. A few years later, I came down with appendicitis over Christmas, smack in the middle of a flu epidemic. After waiting for three hours without so much as a quick triage at the ER of a major urban hospital near my home, I ended up having a friend drive me to the Mayo hospital, where I was immediately whisked into the operating room. If I’d stayed downtown, my appendix would have burst. At my age, this is life-threatening.

    Our medical system is broken, maybe irrevocably. If I were young, I would emigrate to a country where crucial social systems work. Young educated people with marketable skills should look abroad for better living conditions.

  2. Patient, Diagnose Thyself « Are You Going To Be This Way The Rest of The Time I Know You? Says:

    […] wound up going back to the doctor whose office I’d like to quit because in my weakened state I just did not have it in me to keep trying to find a doctor whose […]

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