Monday Morning Carnival Linkfest

I hope this morning finds everyone ready and eager for the week. And if not, grab a cup of java and peruse the carnivals.

The Festival of Frugality was hosted at No Credit Needed this week, and included my article on Habit Forming. I was intrigued by the Pennies to Publix article at Pennies to Nickels, and then I found out it’s not to be for me. Boo-hoo. I also liked $mall Cents’ article Getting Rid of Books. A great way to make some easy money, and de-clutter at the same time! There are tons of other great articles over there, so check it out.

The first ever Money Hacks Carnival was hosted over at Prime Time Money and included a post I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback on: Why You Should Consider a Personal Liability Umbrella. Tip Diva posted a great article called Top Ten Tips – Hitting Holiday Sales. Erica.Biz wrote a wonderfully blasphemous article called The REAL American Dream (Hint: It’s NOT Owning A House!). Her dream isn’t my dream, but if yours is like hers then perhaps you’ll agree with her suppositions. There are many other great entries, so go support the newbie carnival.

The Carnival of Money Stories was at Collecting My Cash. They included my Saving and Spending and Everyone Wins post. Paidtwice at I’ve Paid For This Twice Already… submitted her article It’s Good To Be Broke Sometimes , and it made me chuckle because I’m never affected by these types of technological showdowns, either. I’ll also never get upset about ruining a $200 pair of jeans because I’ll never have a $200 pair of jeans… Also noteworthy was GNIF Brain Blogger’s thought-provoking article Usually It’s Cheaper to Pay Than to Go To Court, and a whole passel of other great, informative reads.

The Rants Carnival included my article If Fat People Can’t Eat at Restaurants then Stupid People Can’t Vote (Really, isn’t that one of the best titles?). I liked Wenchypoo‘s article Comparing Working vs. Staying Home, and I hope it compels a few people who would rather be staying home to do their own math. It wasn’t cheaper for me to stay home (I was making more than Husband at the time, though now he’s surpassing my highest), but I did it anyway. I also enjoyed Matt’s article 5 Reasons to Give Up Watching TV at Life Is Your Career. I have to say that for me the computer has replaced most of my television time, but I get the point. This carnival had so many entries (it’s mostly political rants, go figure) they did two separate posts with all of the participants, so I’m sure there’s something there that will wither have you shaking your head or sending spam. Just not here, please.

There’s so much great content out there. Let me know your favorites!


2 Responses to “Monday Morning Carnival Linkfest”

  1. Shaheen Lakhan Says:

    Great carnival. Thanks for including our article from the GNIF Brain Blogger.


  2. PT Says:

    BTW – Thanks for linking back to the carnival. I appreciate your entry.

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