What a Weekend! Monday Evening Carnival Catch-Up

The Carnival of Personal Finance #142 – The Homeless Edition was hosted at BagLady this week. My article Concierge Doctor Plans – Not Frugal But Perhaps Money Well Spent was included, and I’ve gotten lots of good feedback for introducing a subject many people had not heard of.

There’s always a ton of informative articles over there. I liked MoneyNing‘s post Walking to the Supermarket. Before Son was born I often thought about how I would walk to the supermarket, pushing baby in the stroller. Yeah, it never happened. Still, a really nice idea. I also liked Madison from My Dollar Plan‘s article Dear Husband: What to do if I die!. We all should have a plan for the unthinkable, but most don’t because it is, well, unthinkable. Since Husband barely remembers the name of our bank, he’d be totally in the dark if something happened to me. Must get on this straightaway!

There’s a new carnival in the blogosphere and I’m happy to have been a part of it’s inaugural week. The Fresh From the Farmer’s Market carnival hosted by Modern Beet included my post Amazing Maize. This was the first recipe-ish post I’ve done, and I was happy to find the perfect outlet. I can’t wait to try Recipe Bank’s French Bean Casserole!

Also this week my post Shame is a Powerful Incentive, Darn It was included in the Carnival of Ethics, Values, and Personal Finance hosted at RealEstateUndressed. I also enjoyed The Choice of What is Right, and What is Easy at Cash Money Life.

My old article Why You Should Consider a Personal Liability Umbrella made an appearance at KcLau’s Personal finance money tips – March 08, 2008. Scott Siegel at Scott’s Beat The Gas Pump Blog tells us how to save even more on gas by buying gas gift cards in his article How to save 14% on your gas costs! Now that’s frugal!

The Carnival of Family Life was at Discussing Autism this week, and they were kind enough to include my article Redemption is a Ten Letter Word. I hope to one day be able to use the information in j’blu’s article 7 Family Activities to do in Honolulu posted at Local Kine Hawaii. Yes. Definitely. I also hope a certain person I know runs across Aparna’s article Home remedies for body odor posted at Beauty and Personality Grooming. I remember my Mom making me tell a male friend of mine about his body odor, and I’m still scarred from the experience. Some great tips there, though.

This week’s Festival of Frugality was hosted at Broke Grad Student. Always a terrific carnival, I enjoyed Alison’s article What Do You Freeze? at This Wasn’t in The Plan. I admit I’ve always been a fraidy-freezer . I’m also saving the link for Niharika Das’s article How to Throw a Kickass Frugal Bar Mitzvah at Frugal Panda. After all, it’s less than ten years until Son’s Bar Mitzvah.



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  1. Patrick Says:

    Thanks for the mention! 🙂

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