I’ve Finally Found the Line

What line, you ask?

My frugality line. The line that I will not cross to save money, or the environment, or whatever.

There’s lots of things I will do to save money. I’ll clip coupons. I’ll shop the sale racks. I’ll lather and rinse without repeating.

I’ll re-gift, I’ll make dinner by the ambient light from another room, I’ll let my roots get too long before a touch-up.

I’ll wait to call until after 9pm, re-use gift bows and the occasional ziplock bag.

I’ll even take perfectly good, usable things other people leave for the garbage truck. Once a neighbor left two very expensive baby play yards for the garbage man. I sold them on Craigslist and made $120.

What I will not do, under any circumstances, is take food someone else has thrown away and eat it. Blech.

I don’t care if it’s something as innocuous as cereal, in a still-sealed box. If food has been deemed garbage by someone else I will defer to their expertise. I will leave that to Seinfeld’s George (remember the eclair sitting on top of his host’s garbage?) and to the Freegans, whose penchant for dumpster cuisine I discovered by reading Savvy Frugality‘s post Extreme Frugality: Freegans.

Husband, who has often wondered where the line stood, is much relieved.


7 Responses to “I’ve Finally Found the Line”

  1. goodfountain Says:

    I am pleased to know this about you. Especially should I ever find my way to dinner at your house.

  2. Lisa Says:

    What’s more amazing is that there is a whole subculture around dumpster diving. You can find dumpster diving groups on meetup.com. I belong to a beekeeping group (just to learn, for now) and for some reason Meetup thinks this would make me interested in dumpster diving groups, too. And soapmaking. ?!?

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  4. Savvy Frugality Says:

    Hey, thanks for the mention! I plan to have updates on Freegans from time to time. I find their lifestyle fascinating, although like you, there is no way I would eat food out of the trash. It’s called “trash” for a reason!

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