Monday Links – My Birthday Edition

Happy Birthday to Me! Okay, enough about that. Let’s talk linkage.

PaidTwice hosted the From Theory To Practice: The Festival of Frugality this week, and my post What I Like About Wal-Mart was included. I was struck by Savvy Frugality’s post Extreme Frugality: Freegans, a much so that it inspired me to write I’ve Finally Found the Line. I also liked But Why Doesn’t It Grow On Trees’ post Cash to Burn: Why a Credit-Only Lifestyle Works for Me. I carry very little cash partially because I’ll fritter it, but mostly because I want to get every cent possible from my credit card rebates. There are tons of great posts there, so be sure to visit!

The Carnival of Family Life: St. Patrick’s Day Edition was hosted at Colloquium this week and included my post What to Know About Buying and Redeeming (Unless They Are from Sharper Image) Gift Cards. Paid Twice’s article One Way To Get Over the Bath and Body Works Habit at I’ve Paid For This Twice Already should have warned me that I’d be called The Devil when I offered a Bath and Body Works Deal of the Day. Sorry, PaidTwice! Also check out Five Cent Nickel’s postThe High Cost of Instant Gratification. The need for instant gratification is a problem for many, and not just kids. Thought provoking, at least in my house.

The Carnival of Money Stories #51 was hosted at Life Lessons of a Military Wife this week. My post Buy One Get One Free. Sort of. was included – and no I have not heard back from Publix yet. That Was Worth the Phone Call! posted at Stop the Ride! is a good reminder to call and talk to someone before assuming you need to pay that late charge. I’ve had great luck with that the few times I’ve lost my mind temporarily. I also liked Top 10 Dollar Store Buys posted at FIRE Finance, as the Dollar Store is one of my favorite places to shop. Don’t assume they’re always the lowest price, though; I’ve found the same things for a few cents cheaper at WalMart and other discount stores before.

I also made an appearance in Carnival of Everything Finance – #15 over at Everything Finance. Don’t Let the Dust Settle Before the Dust Settles settled in quite well over there. I enjoyed CreditAddict’s article FICO Credit Score Changes Looming, and if CA is right Husband and I will see our score increase. That’s a good thing! Livingalmostlarge is pretty peeved about parents spending their children’s education funds in Children’s Gift Money?. I understand how she feels. In my opinion it’s not the parents’ money to take, unless they funded it. That said, when you mix gift money with money you put in yourself, it’s not easy to keep track. In any case touching Son’s college money would be a last resort for us.

Finally, I want to wish Funny About Money a speedy recovery from her recent spill, and thank her for thinking enough of my article Time To Increase the Grocery Budget. Or Eat A Lot Less. to include it in her weekly round-up.


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  1. Stephanie Says:

    Thanks for the link love!

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