Monday Evening Linklet

I only entered three carnivals last week.  I got distracted by all the news, I guess.

Still, I did manage to get included in the Carnival of Family Finance with my article Today My Son Broke a Cherished Glass Container. Hallelujah!. Thanks to Pickel at My Two Boys for including it!

Other articles:

  • Jennifer in OR had a big scare and wrote The Poison Post at Diary of 1.  She posts tips on there prevention and what to do if you find yourself in this scary situation.
  • All Rileyed Up wrote about  the kind of friend many of us have in  her post Lost in Translation.  I want  to party with HER!

The Carnival of Everything Finance, appropriately enough at Everything Finance, included my article Change Some Habits, Save Some Gas. And Some Money.

Some clickworthy articles:

The Carnival of Money Stories was hosted by Chief Family Officer on April Fool’s Day.  My rant Shrinking Package Sizes Screw up My Recipes was included, as were fun April Fool’s Day facts.

Check out:

  • Ben at The DebtFree Playbook Blog shows that patriotism, honor and duty aren’t the only reasons to go to Iraq in An Interesting Way Out of Debt.  I’m glad our government gives those soldiers  tax-free income.
  • WBL’s 10 Tips On How To Negotiate posted at Wealth Building Lessons reminded me of my ex.  We’d go to the local swap shop and he’d see an item he liked and inquire about  the price.  The dealer would say $60.  He’d say, “50 dollars?  40 dollars?  You want me to pay 30 dollars for that thing?”  Thinking about the look on the dealer’s face even now, almost twenty years later, still cracks me up.

I also want to thank the Silicon Valley Blogger at The Digerati Life for including my article Saving by Delusion in her carnival round-up.  It was even including it in the post title, Learn How To Haggle, Defeat Debt and Save By Delusion @ The Carnivals.

That’s it for now.


3 Responses to “Monday Evening Linklet”

  1. Jennifer in OR Says:

    You are too kind to include me! My MIL read my poison post and about had a heart attack over her poor little grandson getting into the medicine! Glad she wasn’t around at the time!

  2. Chief Family Officer Says:

    Thanks for linking back to the carnival!

  3. Ben Gylsen Says:

    I really like the way you round up after carnivals – thanks for including my article. I think i will use your approach.

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