Monday Evening Linklets Deux

Another slow week for the carnivals for me. I’ve just been too busy to submit. Ah, well…

I finally remembered to submit to the Carnival of Personal Finance last week. MoneyNing included my post Two Steps Forward, One Step Back, so thanks!

Other readworthy articles:

I also participated in the Carnival of Money Stories. The Financial Blogger‘s Dad included my article Red Flags and FedEx and Are You Sure That Check’s Not Going to Bounce? in a really fun take on carnivals.

Check out:

  • The situation PaidTwice described in A Tale of Two Doctors really irked me. I’m glad she’s following up with her insurer to get her money back.
  • I had to laugh at Going bald is a blessing in disguise by Pinchingcopper. We’ve saved a fortune in haircuts since Husband stopped trying to pretend he had more hair. His new, close cropped do is sexy, and since we use our own clippers they’re quite the frugal coup!

That’s it for this week. Next week I entered one article in a bunch of Carnivals because I was really trying to get the word out on plastic. That should be a fun linklet.


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