Husband Had a Date With Another Woman, And I’m Worried

But not about the date.

Tonight Husband had a date. Her name is J, and she was just laid off from the company where Husband works. She’s a nice girl, and Husband is very concerned about her (going through a divorce with two young kids) and the company he works for.

Husband’s company has laid off about a third of its workforce in the past eight months. That would be surprising, but not when we’re in the middle of a real estate slowdown of epic proportions and you happen to be an advertising agency whose specialty is real estate. Management is swimming upstream in floaties trying to secure new, more diverse accounts, and throwing off baggage left and right, including baggage they need to keep afloat.

So, I’m worried about the viability of this company.

I’m worried because Husband makes 25% more working for this agency, who is well aware of his special qualifications, than he would be for a new company not used to paying his current salary to someone in his position.

I’m worried because Husband has Diabetes and Son has asthma and we’ll be paying thousands a month in COBRA until he gets past his probation period with any new company.

I’m worried because we want to move but can’t sell our house.

I’m worried that he’ll get a job in another state and we’ll be separated until the house sells.

I’m worried that he’ll have to take a job at too-low pay doing something that will leave him unfulfilled and frustrated.

I’m worried he won’t find a job at all.

I’m worried that I’ll have to go back to work.

I’m worried about depleting our very comforting and healthy savings balance.

What I’m not worried about is Husband spending time with another woman.

What I know is that we’ll make the best of whatever comes our way, even as I’m worrying.


7 Responses to “Husband Had a Date With Another Woman, And I’m Worried”

  1. Patty Says:

    Ug thats very scary and nerve wracking. I know that you will find the best solution for you and your family. Hugs

  2. Kate Says:

    Money is stupid. I wish it wasn’t so important.

  3. Good Fountain Says:

    Very worrisome indeed. I understand your worry. But you have a good attitude, and that counts for a lot.

  4. Vanessa Says:

    More and more of us can relate to your worries these days. (((Hugs))) and keep your chin up!

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  6. naive? Says:

    Why couldn’t hubby show support for J at your house for dinner? Wake up.

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