My Economic Stimulus Check Didn’t Arrive When Promised!

Every morning this week I’ve turned on my computer and immediately went to my bank’s website to see if our Economic Stimulus check was deposited yet (Is that anal? My friend says it is. I don’t think so. Do you?). Every morning I’ve been disappointed. Well, except for Wednesday when our tax refund was deposited. I did a little happy dance that day.

Husband was irritated because we “should have been in the first wave,” but I reassured him that the published schedule promises our payment no later than May 2nd. There’s still time.

Yesterday morning I went through the same routine but could not connect to my bank’s website. Their server must have been temporarily down – all those people checking to see if their money arrived. I had to leave home to do the World’s Biggest De-cluttering Job to get my Dad’s house ready for it’s first official showing, so I wasn’t near a computer again until 8pm last night.

As expected, the first thing I did when I sat down at my computer was to check to see if our Economic Stimulus check was deposited yet.

It wasn’t.

Dadgummit!!! Where the heck is our money?

So I did a little research and found out:

If you file your taxes after April 15th yours will not go out until at least May 9th.

Well, I filed before the 15th.

If you had any fees taken out of your initial refund (like their processing fee like many people do), you’ll get a paper check.

Nope. No fees. It pays to be The Accountant’s Daughter.

Then I found this little tidbit on the Stimulus Payment Schedule:

“A small percentage of tax returns will require additional time to process and to compute a stimulus payment amount. For these returns, stimulus payments may not be issued in accordance with the schedule above, even if the tax return was processed by April 15.”

Aha! There’s an exception to every rule. Apparently I’m it.

(Why can’t I be the exception for something fun? For example, why can’t I be the one who can eat and eat and not gain weight? Why can’t I be the one who can wear really high heels and not have them kill my feet? Why can’t I be the one that enjoys cleaning? Noooooooooo. I get to be the one who doesn’t get my money when almost everyone else does. Lucky me.)

The delay is likely because even though I am a Stay at Home Mom I did do some work last year and earned about $2000. And I declared it as income to our freelance Sole Proprietorship, so my situation may not easily fit into one of their computation formulas.

It’s great to be special.

But wait!

I went to the IRS website again this morning because PaidTwice mentioned in a post that you can go there to find out when to expect your Economic Stimulus check.

I found on the IRS website, but in a different spot than the above info (and wouldn’t it be nice if all of the pertinent information was in the same location?):

In general, the payment schedule only applies if your return was received and the IRS finished processing your return before April 15. If you filed your return on time, but close to the April 15 deadline, the IRS may not have finished processing it before April 15.

Processing times for tax returns and stimulus payments vary. If you are getting a regular income-tax refund, the IRS will send you that refund first. Normally, your stimulus payment will follow one to two weeks later.

Ahhh. Well, I did file before April 15th. On the 13th, to be exact.

So it looks like my little morning ritual will have to last awhile longer. And I’ll lose out on a little interest income.

But I’m still special, right?


Edited to add some helful links:

Didn’t get the amount you were supposed to get for your kids? You may be getting another check! Click here for info!

When will your economic stimulus payment arrive?

Frequently Asked Questions: Received the Stimulus Payment?

Economic Stimulus Calculator – Or How Much to Expect


77 Responses to “My Economic Stimulus Check Didn’t Arrive When Promised!”

  1. Vanessa Says:

    Yes, you are definitely special. 🙂

  2. goodfountain Says:

    You are special, if not a wee bit anal.

  3. Michelle Says:

    I don’t think you are completely anal. I’ve spent the last week checking my bank account every morning and in the evening too (my husband heard it could be deposited late afternoon).
    My husband and I filed jointly but I always put him first on our return. The last two of his SS fall in the first bracket as well, so darn it we should have been in the first group to get paid.
    I went to the IRS web page to make sure we would qualify and for how much.
    The funny thing is that my bank web page went down this friday as well. The phone lines too, and when the phone lines went back up they were all busy even through Saturday.
    It’s Monday morning now, and still no check for us….

    Here’s to special people everywhere!

  4. Barbara Says:

    I, too, should have been one of the first to get my check, my ss# last two digits fall in the May 2nd date…I filed on turbotax and heard a rumor that if you file thru them or H&R Block that they come later and in the form of a paper check, even though I got my taxes direct deposited….and I filed the first week in Feb…..However, today at work several people who got their checks also filed with turbo tax so obviously that rumor was untrue…still don’t know why it’s not there but I keep checking every day too……
    Another special person

  5. Kimberly Says:

    Been checking EVERY day also. Actually, about every hour on the day it was supposed to be here. Still not here. STILL checking Wells Fargo too many times a day 🙂

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  7. jezreex Says:

    Me too I alway check my bank account first thing in the morning just to see if check is already deposited and darn it until now I have not received it. Some of my friends have received it already so i feel a little disappointed that until now my check did not arrive yet. Anyway thanks for the info.

  8. David J Says:

    I’m in the same boat as you are. I filed my taxes in February, and received my refund via e-file later that month. At first I thought it was because I was being audited, but that can’t be the case because generally they would withhold my refund if that were true, and they promptly deposited it into my account. Nothing out of the ordinary has changed since I filed (address, banks, etc.).

    As far as the “additional time” necessary to make the computation, this doesn’t make sense to me because my total household income is barely below the initial phase-out. I do have two kids, but that should be simple math as well. So I’m not sure why I didn’t get mine last week either.

    The only thing I can add is that I filed my taxes through, but again, I sent in the return and received the refund through the e-file system.

    I’m annoyed.

  9. jane Says:

    I ,too, am in the same boat as the rest of you. I have looked for my economic stimulus check since Monday, April 28. I also did direct deposit, but read yesterday that if your refund was direct deposit through a RAL (Refund Anticipated Loan) then your check would arrive with the paper checks according to the last two digits of SS#. So there goes for getting an early start on sales….

  10. Kelly Says:

    I feel all your pain!! I am set to have mine in the second wave, around May 9th, but heard on the news that all the checks started going out 4 days early……so……where’s my money?? I’m starting to feel like Stuey on “Family Guy”…you know, the episode where he beats all over Brian…….”where’s my money……I want my money, man”??!!! By the way….no body is anal for checking the ol’ bank account on-line, even if it’s 20 times daily, you can’t keep enough of an eye on your money these days!! Maybe we’ll all get our checks tomorrow, or the next day, or the next day……except for me……and maybe the original author of this masterpiece!!

  11. David J Says:

    Jane, I’m beginning to think my refund might have been given to me through a RAL, now that you mention it. I remember having to sign up for a pseudo-bank account at some random bank for a $5 fee in order to get the money wired to my own checking account. I wonder if that’s it.

    Still annoyed…

  12. Mick Says:

    You are just being a good steward of what will hopefully be yours someday; I check hourly as well. I filed on the 13th of April as well, and since I had to pay, I used my bank routing number and account number to at least look like “direct deposit.” I notice the IRS does not mention if one paid in taxes rather than got a refund for the timing and method of a stimulus “check.” I suspect I will actually see something before Christmas, depending on who wins the election.

    I think this is all just to take our minds off the war and election falderal anyway.

  13. T-man Says:

    I too am frustrated… I filed in Feburary via Turbo Tax and I’m in the May 2 deadline and still haven’t received my check… While my partner filed two days later than I did using the same Turbo Tax software… AND is supposed to be in the May 9th group but recieved his already. I’m still waiting… and FRUSTRATED!
    I entered all the information from my 1040EZ on the IRS site and was assured that I would get the $600.00…. so I guess the check’s in the mail??

  14. sophia Says:

    I got a good chuckle from the information you posted. I did not Know anything about the processing fees. Thanks a lot. I will stop checking my account every morning now.

  15. Mels Says:

    Still a waiting… I find it very interesting what Tman wrote- regarding both of you filed through turbo tax and 1 recieved theirs but the other didin’t. I went through turbo tax and we have not recieved ours either- how ever I had federal direct deposited and the state portion mailed- maybe that has something to do with why we have not recieved ours- maybe you had select direct deposit for both. Who knows- but on one of the websites under direct deposit it says “Please allow 2 weeks from the date shown on the schedule to receive your payment”. and it was on top of the direct deposit schedule so i assumed it might be for that. Weird… who knows- *crossing fingers it comes sooon!* also- tman hace your partner go to and fill out the info and see if it says they already sent his deposit- if so- you fill it out and you should know at least 1 week before you get it that you will get it lol.

  16. John Says:

    btw it may be stated above, but if you took that “take my processing fees out of my refund” option you have taken a loan for Santa Barbra bank. Your best hope is that the refund doesn’t get processed ACH through Santa Barbra or you will have to wait for the bounce back as well. My guess is most people that did this should consult the paper schedule to see when they are getting their stimulus check… Here for your perusal is the paper schedule:

    Last two SSN digits / mailed date not received date
    00 through 09 / May 16
    10 through 18 / May 23
    19 through 25 / May 30
    26 through 38 / June 6
    39 through 51 / June 13
    52 through 63 / June 20
    64 through 75 / June 27
    76 through 87 / July 4
    88 through 99 / July 11

  17. Boss Lady Says:

    Did any one else get the $1,200.00 for being a couple and not get the $300.00 per child? I thought we were getting both not one or the other. Are there other checks out there? We have 3 children and didn’t get a dime for one of them. Is this just another way of sticking to hard working Americans?

  18. Michelle Says:

    I am so totally bummed now after reading all this, I too filed in feb with turbo tax. I was expecting my deposit today may 9, and it didnt happen. I wrote a check against it yesterday and now Im in deep poo poo. If im understanding these comments correctly. I will have to wait for a papercheck. Ive heard paper checks are now being sent out starting today may 9. my last 2 numbers are 25.Im so bummed, im going to have a bounced check now 😦

  19. Michelle Says:

    P.S… I am single mom of 1, i was expecting 600 for me and 300 for my child, does this mean i only get one or the other from what Boss Lady said? OMG im dying here

  20. BeThisWay Says:

    Boss Lady – It seems to me you should be getting money for your kids, too, unless a whole list of exceptions listed on the IRS website. Check with your local IRS office to be sure!

    Michelle – I’m not going to lecture you about writing a check before you have the cash in hand, but I am going to recommend you check out some of the terrific personal finance blogs out there to learn how to stretch your money and avoid fees. I feel for all the single Moms out there! You also may want to visit the IRS website to figure what your stimulus check will be.

    I have edited the original post to give links to some of the helpful links. Check them out!

  21. Mels Says:

    OK- here is something from the updated FAQ’s from the IRS- it would have been nice if they elaborated the ‘direct deposit’ and gave this info so that so many of us that did do direct deposit not realizing we did a RAC wouldn’t have been expecting it to be direct deposited….

    Q. I chose direct deposit for my 2007 tax refund but also requested my electronic filing and/or tax preparation fees be deducted from my refund. Does that affect my stimulus payment?

    A. If you requested that your electronic filing or tax preparation fee be deducted from the amount of your refund, you have entered into a financial agreement with the tax preparation provider or e-file software company for a refund anticipated check (RAC). Both Refund Anticipation Checks (RACs) and Refund Anticipation Loans (RALs) are bank products. The money that is deposited into your bank account comes from the financial institution associated with your electronic filing software provider or tax preparation provider, not directly from the IRS. Taxpayers who use RALs, RACs or enter into similar loans or financial agreements with their tax professional or tax software companies will not receive their economic stimulus payments by direct deposit. Instead they will get a paper check that will be issued according to the schedule that has been published for paper check distribution.

    HOpe this is helpful! It sure was for me- so crossing fingers for the 30th!!!

  22. GAtorguy79 Says:

    So because I had my filing fees taken out of my refund, I get a paper check. That super sucks. I guess I can wait 3 more weeks. I will probably still check my account daily for the next 3 weeks anyway.

  23. Jessie Says:

    I work in the bank and had spent the entire week checking accounts for customers expecting their payments. Many of whom received their payments. A coworker and I were both expecting ours and didn’t get them. We also had several angry customers wondering where their funds were. So we called the IRS thinking that maybe they could give us answers.

    The lady on the phone was very nice and had obviously been talking with a lot of disgruntled citizenry but she could only tell us the same information from the website. Her advice: “Check with your bank”. Ha!

    My advice as your friendly bank teller. Don’t rely on these payments for paying bills or anything. We are talking about the IRS. An organization that doesn’t exactly exist to help people. I know that banks are under legal obligation to make funds available in a timely fashion. Usually these types of transactions are posted within hours of receiving information. Our bank posts batches every 4 hours. Hope this helps good luck everyone.

  24. madsville Says:

    I got a letter in the mail quite a while back stating that in fact I would be getting my stimulus check. while I am on the 2nd wave…. and no I still dont have my check. I think not posting NO LATER THAN on the IRS site really upset many. Because May 9 was a Friday… I would look at Monday around noon to see if things are updated and posted. I too wanted to use this $$ for something but unless the green is there……….Im not doing nada….. sip!

  25. Joe Says:

    I was supposed to get my stimulus check may 9th and never got it… if the irs sets up guidelines and schedules they should abide by them…. they wouldn’t like it if i told them i was gonna give them my $1000 in taxes and put it off for a month…. but i’m opening a business soon… so we’ll see how long it takes for it to become “official” hahaha

  26. Tammy Says:

    We too was supposed to receive our check direct deposited “on” or “before” May 9, what if I said yes your money will be there on or before April 15, and it didn’t come, i bet all of my non-received stimulus check the IRS would come after me “ON” or “BEFORE” April 16…just a little frustrated cause there goes our vacation, which by the way, my husband so deserves!

  27. tami Says:

    I did my taxes with H&R block. I did a $500.00 emerald card, which was like a line of credit from H&R block. They deducted the $500 from my tax return…which WAS direct deposited.

    We’re family, so we didn’t pay any fees. We were supposed to get our check by May 9th. STILL NOT HERE! We even got the letter saying we would get it…

    Did anyone else do the H&R block emerald card thing? Is that what’s holding it up?

    And….the “where’s my stimulus payment” link on the IRS website responds “Sorry there is no information on your stimulus payment.” THANKS FOR THE LINK IRS!

  28. madsville Says:

    SAVE A TREE dont send me a letter in the mail saying… look forward to your check…… thne all the HOOPLA on when it is to be there……… only to realize that YES … the IRS plays by their own rules…………subjective at best

  29. TfromCalifornia Says:

    I have a full time job and everything. I filed my taxes on Turbo Tax in February and my refund was direct deposited in early March. Right on schedule. I got the letter stating I might qualify for a stimulus check and everything.

    The last two #’s of my ssn says that I should have gotten the deposit no later than may 9th. Well here it is May 12 and still no sign of the check. I called my bank and there is nothing pending either.

    Whats annoying is that my partner filed on Turbo tax as well (just like me) and he got his direct deposited as well. The only thing is that he didn’t do his taxes for 2006 and had to mail them out separetly.

    He forgot and NEVER sent them out.

    So he called the IRS and they said that because he never filed his 2006 taxes, he didn’t qualify for the stimulus check.

    Guess what… HE GOT HIS ON THURSDAY THE 8TH!!!! I’m rather angry because I don’t owe anything and filed EVERY YEAR ON TIME!!! Where the heck is my check if my partner got his earlier and OWES 2006!!!!!!! There is somthing wrong with this system!!!!!!!!

  30. Jennifer Says:

    I went on the site earlier and it showed me getting $2100 back on Friday. I went back later to double check, and now there is an error

  31. MomofTen Says:

    I too never got my stimulus check on May 9th as I was supposed to. And as I mother of 10 I was eagerly awaiting the $$$$$$$$$$$$ coming in ! Somewhere in web land is a form that will tell you if your check is scheduled to come in the next week, and that even says it doesn’t know when my $$$$$$$$ is coming :- ( But the site says I am due a check, so who knows what is going on??????? I also check my bank every day ………

    Sadly awaiting in MI

  32. frustrated Says:

    We have three kids, but the “where’s my stimulus” thing on the irs website says we are getting 1200, 600 for us (married couple) and 600 for TWO qualifying children, but we have THREE children…wth?? I am so confused. Now I’m wondering if something was wrong with our tax return. But I know we listed all of the kids, just in the “Qualifying Children” section the accountant only put info for two of them because it says “You only need to enter the information for two children to qualify for the maximum child tax credit”–but we listed all three kids in the exemptions section, so what happened??

  33. CHemi Says:

    Ok, For those people that do not know why they are not getting their stimulius packages checks. It could be that you did your taxes professionally. Most professionals require you to use RAL or RAC if you do not have payment up front. IF you had your tax preperation fees taken out of your refund checks then your check will come via mail.

    If your single and have no qualifying kids you most likely will recieve 300 dollars.

    Your probably asking why am i only recieved 300 dollars and i made over 10.000$. The tax rebates were designed not to make your pocket book look good but to encurage people to buy and boost the economy.

    Many people are asking will I recieve this rebate again. Unless congress decides to do this again. Most likely not.

    Heres a piece of advice. If you get 300 dont whine oh i should got more. its basically free money. I say you cant beat free with a stick.

  34. Andy Says:

    I too am suppossed to be getting the Rebate issue to me on May 16th(Today)thought it was going to be direct deposited but since I used Tax act and had my fees deducted before I received my tax refund I too will have to wait for a paper check.My Sister and her husband even though their SS #s are higher than mine received their check today(their numbers are 83 and 95 mine is 08)although Sister did not receive the full amount only 734 dollars,doesnt know why.I was hoping to by a new much needed bed which was on sale until Friday but didnt want to spend it in case it didnt get sent.Now same bed willl cost me 300 more if I chose to buy it.just very disapointed.

  35. chrissey Says:

    I guess we are all sailing on the same ship. Our stimulus check was suppose to be here today, I thought. Our cbeck should have been in the last set sent out for people with direct deposit. Of course I am here with no check in my hand. After reading on here about the RAL deposits thru TurboTax, Im not so sure that I will be using them when it comes time to file year. Maybe it will come tomarrow or the next day or the day after that. Til then I will be faithfully checking my bank balance. I have to say I am grateful for the company and knowing that I am not the only one expecting a miracle from the IRS.

  36. Mels Says:

    Well finally… I had used turbo tax and did direct deposit- but because santa barbara bank was involved i assumed i had to wait for a paper check- well i was right– just checked on-line and they say it is comein may 30. woot woot. crossing my fingas that it isn’t a prank lol

  37. MomofTen Says:

    To Frustrated,

    What state are you in, that each additional kid doesn’t matter? Every kid you got increases your Federal child credit, I’m sure. I definitely would enter all of their info. You should check further into that. I get a very nice rebate every year, because of the Federal Child Tax credit. Much more than 2 kids would get me. Also, Still no stimulus check :0 (

  38. kim blankenship Says:

    My cpa did my taxes and filed them electronically before 4/15. I actually owed money to the IRS and paid this in full with a check that they have already cashed. I paid my cpa separately with a personal check. My stimulus check should have been direct deposited by the 16th but, as of today, isn’t there? Any ideas?

  39. BeThisWay Says:

    @kim – How close to 4/15 was your return filed? It has to be processed by 4/15 to get your money on time. If yours was close to 4/15 chances are it was not processed by 4/15, so that means a delay. Also, since you had to pay they may be issuing you a paper check… You may want to call your CPA. He or she may be able to give/get you a definitive answer. And, after all, you’re paying him/her. Good luck!

  40. kim blankenship Says:

    Actually, I just did a little digging and, because I had to pay, my check will be coming via “snail mail” even though we requested direct deposit. As you might imagine, the government didn’t waste any time cashing my check! Just figures.

  41. Mark Larson Says:

    I’m still waiting for my check. We paid the IRS on Feb. 29, have filed electronically for the past 6-7 years, and did our own with Turbo Tax the last two. So far, no one has expalined why mine is not here yet. I’m beyond frustrated, I’m pissed. F’ing Dems anyway.

  42. David J Says:

    I got the letter saying it was coming too. I guess even though I e-filed, they’re sending a paper check, probably because of the RAL situation mentioned above – I elected to have the fee taken out of my refund instead of fronting it from my own account.

    As for the amount, they accurately accounted for me, my wife, and our two kids, so best of luck to all of you who are not getting the right number.

    And in a word, I’d rather the government’s debt be in my hands than in theirs!

  43. Mike Says:

    This is truly ridiculous. Why does the gov always have to say one thing and do another. but got forbid i smoke a bowl of weed or drive 5 miles over the speed limit. I am continuously getting fined when i have many other things to pay for. I was expecting my finances to basically fall apart, until my friend told me that if my last 2 digits of my ss# were 13 i should be gettin it this week. and then i get a letter on the 21rst that says it was issued the 19th stating that my check will be here by the 23. i dont know if anyone else got a letter like that ive read every forum there is on this shit. Something tells me not to count on this money for some time, but i cant help it cause im in such financial turmoil ive been confined to my home for weeks and probably weeks to come. I work at a mechanics shop/ gas station and the gas clerk said we should be expecting gas to go over 5.00 over the summer (here on long island). are you fucking serious my car gets 15-18 miles to the gallon and thats only if i keep a half a tank always, otherwise i get even less. so what they are telling me is that its gonna cost over 10 bucks just to get to and from my job every day. god forbid i hafta drive to the super market (where all prices are also rising) to get some expensive food that i need to survive. America going to have to acquire a taste for roman noodles . My point is you cant count on the gov for anything. they are out to screw you and when they try to help it just back fires and blows up in our faces while the upper class sits up on they’re pedestals holding puppets strings driving us lower working class people into poverty insanity and starvation. People are so uptight nowadays no one has friends families are breaking apart everyone needs to fight for theyre own.
    Fuck george bush i am a registered republican i was pro bush in the beginning but after the way he ran this country if lost faith in the party. fuckin baby boomers trying to choke the world till those old bastards are the only people with anything of value. anyway aside form politics if anyone recived a letter in the mail that said theyre check should arrive in 1-2 days and either did or did not get it please let me know, and if you wanna to criticize me then just fuck off.

  44. BeThisWay Says:

    @Mike. Dude. It’s a good thing you can use some marijuana to relax a little, and that it doesn’t make you paranoid. Today is only the 22nd, so your check could still arrive on time. And if it doesn’t, may I recommend yoga for relaxation? Good luck!

  45. Mike Says:

    are you fuckin retarded did i not say to take your criticism else where. sarcasim is still a form of criticism. ive been toking the bong on and off for years and never have i felt paranoid. that was obviously a statement by a someone who has never used it and only listens to what the news tells you. let me tell you something my dads wife is a yoga teacher and she is the most stressed out paranoid hysterical woman with O.C.D and thinks every one is out to hurt her and so are here 4 friends . and im supposed to do yoga to relax. no i smoke a fuckin blunt watch some family guy and go to sleep you little shit. so maybe you should pull the bamboo out of your ass and try not to post some dumb comment regarding the fact that i smoke sometimes. cause when my check doesnt come like the letter said im hold you accountable. all i wanted to know is if anyone else got a similar letter cause no one is writing about it on forums. be this way? go fuck youself i hope you live near yellow stone so you get incinerated in up coming years. you have no life if you even respond to this peace

  46. BeThisWay Says:

    @Mike, this is my blog, my friend. I wasn’t being critical, I was being facetious. I’d delete your comments if they didn’t amuse me so much.

    To answer your question (that I didn’t realize was a question or I would have answered it before), yes, nearly everyone is getting those letters. Some arrive before the date the rebate is supposed to arrive, some after. Most times the letter is correct, but sometimes it’s not.

    And it is entirely reasonable to hold me accountable if your check doesn’t arrive on time. I do have that much power, much to the chagrin of everyone in the radius of my influence.

    I hope that clears things up for you. Please, visit often!

  47. sarahscoolmom Says:

    so… I filed in Feb, got refund direct-deposited but had TaxCut Fees taken out… I now assume a paper check all the way in July is coming instead if by May 16….but i NEVER recieved any letter explaining anything. I am a single mom with a 6 year old and can see no reason I would not receive a check…Comment anyone….Please give me some positive info…. I just lost my job and need help….

  48. BeThisWay Says:

    @sarahscoolmom – From what you said it does seem as if you are going to have to wait for that paper check. Try clicking on the above link to the IRS that tells you when you can expect your check…

    I think most people get the IRS letter within a few days (either before or after) they get their rebate. Commenters, please tell us if any of you experienced something different!

  49. dot1022 Says:

    My check was due the first week of May and still have not received it. We OWED taxes and I had them taken out of my checking May 5th. I am unable to find out if that delays things or not. I cannot see why since they have my account numbers. I wonder if anybody who owed taxes and paid through their checking got their stimulus check. Thanks

  50. BeThisWay Says:

    @dot1022 – From what I understand if you owed taxes you’ll be getting a paper check. Sorry!

  51. Top Posts « Says:

    […] My Economic Stimulus Check Didn’t Arrive When Promised! Every morning this week I’ve turned on my computer and immediately went to my bank’s website to see if our […] […]

  52. Lady Says:

    They were telling people in my area (southern Indiana) that *some* of the refunds had *accidentally* been sent to the wrong bank accounts and addresses.

    They stated if you received one of these mistakes, to send it back to the IRS ASAP. But, to be sure that it wasn’t a weird mistake, make sure your name, address, and SSN were all right on the check.

    So, does this mean that people that received them by accident have other people’s SSN’s?

  53. sarahscoolmom Says:

    thanks for the reply! I just found out my friend whose SS# ends in 25 filed H&R Block online, had fees taken out of refund and got her stimulus payment direct deposited 3 weeks ago…on schedule..but did not receive a letter until after…so there doesn’t seem to be rhyme or reason to it… I just hope I get one some day!

  54. mary Says:

    i was suppose to get my check by the 16th,,,,,,,,,,its now the 25th and nothing………………i had just went on and paid bills but i was so exspecting this darn check.i still have an elec.bill to pay by the 28th.goah i hope it comes

  55. Alisha Says:

    If u owe taxes or anything like a student loan in default then you wont be getting your stimulus check! They snatching it right up!

  56. sarahscoolmom Says:


    Did you ever receive a letter? I check on the IRS website and nothing comes up under my SS# Has this happened to you?

  57. MomofTen Says:

    Hi, I just checked out the IRS site, and they now say my $$$$$ will be direct deposited on May 30th. I had expected it on May 9th, but hey, who can criticize free $$$, no matter how late it comes! I’m not sure why it’s coming now and not before. None of the late check criteria applied to me, and I filed early. I am getting the full $1200 plus $3000 more for the kids.

    And by the way, I am all for deleting Mike’s obnoxious comments. Sounds like he thinks the government owes him something. And if he wasn’t wasting his money on drugs, maybe he’d have some left for food and gas.

  58. sarahscoolmom Says:

    MomofTen – hi…were you ever able to pull up info prior to today on the IRS site? I still get the “We are sorry—-” page.. I thought I was getting a deposit on May 16….


  59. MomofTen Says:


    Hi, No, until after Memorial week-end I also got the “We are sorry—” page, so I was pretty happy to see the message come up Tuesday morning that we should be getting our direct deposit on Friday. This is 3 weeks after the scheduled date. Who knows why that is! Hopefully the money comes in now. I have good faith that it will now once it finally says so on the IRS site.

  60. Vicki Ray Says:

    Well, count us among those still waiting! We owed taxes and filed and paid about 4/10/08. We were in the first group supposedly to receive the stimulus check. Since it was going to be a paper check it should have been mailed on 5/16. It’s now the 30th and still no check. Checking the IRS website is useless. I called the phone number posted and sure enough, no information was available. I’d like to know what mail service is being used–Pony Express? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that this administration’s plan appears to be poorly executed!

  61. MomofTen Says:

    The $$$ was in the bank, 3 weeks late, this morning. Time to go out and stimulate ! Thank you Bush.

  62. sarahscoolmom Says:

    Momof Ten…..

    you give me hope.. I was supposed to have it 5/16…so maybe soon?!

    thanks for the info

  63. Michael Says:

    Where the heck is my POVERTY check!!! come on people. Are you thankfull for your government?
    God Bless America!!!!
    month late kids are starvin!!!
    Thank your GOD!!!

  64. Leah Says:

    Filed my federal taxes & received my refund, direct deposit, in FeB. I have checked the irs gov website & my SS# is 89 (last wave, May 16TH) Well it is June 3rd, I am too sinking deeper in debt waiting for this check. So what, since i used Tax Cut & the took the filing fees out, i am looking forward to a paper check? That puts me in the last wave of paper checks for people who filed on time (FEB 1st!!!) July 11th, because of a high SS# & Tax Cut? That’s lame! I know its free $, but they should be more clear on this tax software filing fee bs. I’ve been the dummy checking my bank acct since May 16 cuz I thought i did everything right! Well when July 11th does come around, if i do get the check, I’m going to be so far in debt with late fees & unpaid bills, this check is going entirely to electric co to keep the power on, & late fees & interest on bills. No stimulating the economy for me, not even at the pump:(

  65. sarahscoolmom Says:

    Leah.. I am in exactly your situation. Did you eve receive a letter?.. I haven’t … I thought I would have mine 5/16 and now I am July 4…. paper check! I filed in February too…so people who filed in April are getting theirs first if they direct deposited and had earlier SS#s…. They should have made it clear about the fees deducted from refunds when they announced this whole stimulus… …

  66. John Says:

    I received a letter telling me I would receive my stimulus check by june 6th.Guess what….today was june 6th and no check.What’s going on ?Why would the IRS send me that letter and then not send the check on time?!.This is like some kind of torture,man I could really use it NOW!!!!

  67. Joe Says:

    I got the same letter. It’s June 10 and still no check. The website said it was scheduled to be processed on June 6 and to wait 3 to 5 days for mail delivery. I assume five days will be on Wednesday, June 11.

  68. sarahscoolmom Says:

    Was your date for the check right according to your SS#? i assume I am getting a July 4 check because I had fees taken out of my refund, but I haven’t received a letter…no communication at all is a little scary!

  69. Jason Says:

    I got my letter stating that I was recieving 600 and I could expect it by June 13. Today is the 13th and no check. My last two digits are 44, anyone know when I should get this? I need it sooooooooooooo bad!

  70. Elaine Says:

    I filed on April 15th, I owed money (which we paid, and which they cashed right away). No letter! Nothing! The website states I am eligible for $1200. Any ideas?

  71. Phyllis Says:

    I got the same thing, I kept waiting and looking in the mail every day (nomal I check it like 2 times a week, lol). Finally when my hot water heater decided to die yesterday I thought, “well there is where my stimulus check is going”. Then I found out at work that others who were suppose to get theirs later than me had already gotten theirs. Today I found this number 1-866-234-2942 to find out where mine was. Yeah it is suppose to mail out on June 27th instead of May 30 like their chart says. I sent mine on the 9th so I guess the government likes prompt payments not waiting til you have the money to pay them. (My job messed up my tax deductions so I had to pay and didn’t realize I was going to have to since I have always gotten a return.)

  72. cheryl Says:

    i filed my taxes efile and i sent them a check on the same day and they cashed my check on the 18th of april and i am still waiting on my stimilious payment it was supposed to have been direct deposited and i have never received any kind of ltr in the mail

  73. chris Says:

    im curious as to how the absent father, who is in arrears with his c/s (and is registered in the offset program ive receieved correspondence from they stating they will intercept any state or federal payments,he told me too)got his federal income tax refund and his rebate check for the full amount… i am not scorned as he pays currently in addition to arrears…just curious, in prevoius years his refund was diverted to me… he was also put into the offset program well before dec 31 2007 … whoever answers me,please have more than the this musta slipped through the almighty gov….thx

  74. Sharon Says:

    Do you know dead people are receiving stimulus checks? If they filed (or their estate filed) a return for 2007 they receive a check for $600 even though the government knows they are dead. The money then goes into the estate and people who have already received a stimulus check will receive more. What a waste of taxpayer dollars.

  75. Richard Neva Says:

    It is now April 21st 2009 and I have not received my stimulous chump change either and never will, this fucking government is a lying bag of shit! We will never get it so get used to it! Hit the street and break some windows and set a police car on fire. This government is dead!

  76. BeThisWay Says:

    Richard, dude, time to take your medication. We don’t promote or condone violence. Way to get the FBI to investigate you, pal.

    • Richard Neva Says:

      I do take meds and they chill me out too, real good, how did you know? I have been daring the pigs to arrest me and free me from my debt prison home. I cannot go anywhere or do anything because I am swamped in debt. A trip to the federal slammer would be a blessing, I would get a private cell because I did 20 years already as a correctional officer in a state pen. They would murder me in population. I am on the meds because of that job and the beating I took inside a few times. I just said it was time to act I did not tell you what town, I know the damn law better than you think I do. Have a nice day.

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