Justify My Love

I have a difficult confession to make.

There are certain songs that are iconic. They are perfect. They cannot be improved upon.

I don’t like it when people sing them differently than they were sung when recorded, even if it’s the original person singing.

When Husband and I were dating we went to a Melissa Manchester concert. When Melissa sang, “Through the Eyes of Love”, one of my favorite songs of all time, she changed it up. She threw in some new voice riffs and even picked up the tempo.

I was not pleased.

I know I should appreciate the artistry, the voice quality, the creativity of the musicians. I do.

But don’t screw with my music.

So it comes as a huge surprise that I love the cover of another of my all-time favorite songs. It’s an American classic, and many people were up in arms when it was remade.

Yes, it’s American Pie. Don McLean sang it to perfection. Perfection. When the cover was being released I was sure I was going to hate it. You just don’t screw with perfection. And Madonna was the artist re-recording it. Madonna, for goodness sake. While I don’t hate her music, I’ve certainly never bought any. And I was in college in the 1980’s!

Then I heard it.

Hmmm. It stinks! No….hmmmm. Hey! Where’s the rest of the verses?

Huh. Kinda catchy…

I kinda like it.


I like it so much that I eventually have a friend download it as part of a mix CD for me. And listen to that CD constantly.

Before the flaming comments start please understand that Don’s version is still my favorite. By a country mile. Still, I really like Madonna’s version.

Husband is appalled.

And I’m not the only one who likes it.

It’s the first song Son has ever requested.



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