10 Free or Almost-Free Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

I’m weird. But many of you already knew that.

I don’t want Husband or Son to spend loads of money on me for Mother’s Day. I don’t want a $5 greeting card or a $15 bunch of flowers or a diamond tiara.

Here are some ideas that are not only frugal, but from the heart. Any Mom would be thrilled to get these:

1. A homemade card. Husband is a graphic designer and I’m always much more pleased when he makes cards for me instead of purchasing one from a store. Besides the frugality factor (I shudder at the thought of a $5 greeting card!) it means he took the time and effort to think of what he’d like to say and say it in a way onLY he can. Of course anything that Son makes for me makes my heart smile, even if it has toilets or trains on it!

2. A single flower. You don’t need to pay the inflates prices at the local convenience store or side-of-the-road stand. Choose one from your yard or neighborhood (but please get permission when needed!) Moms like flowers, but it doesn’t matter if it’s a rose or a pretty weed or a dandelion. When Son or Husband sees it, thinks of me, picks it and brings it to me I am the happiest girl alive.

3. A picnic. Husbands and children can easily make some sandwiches and take other treats already available in the kitchen and take their favorite Mom to the park or the beach or the mountaintop clearing to spend time laughing and playing and relaxing together. Ahhhhh.

4. A coupon book. Put together your own book with coupons for services you will render in exchange. Doing laundry, making dinner, cleaning out the garage, backrubs, hugs and kisses – the possibilities are as endless as your imagination!

5. A photo slide show. Take some of the pictures of Mom’s kids from birth to today and make a slide show set to her favorite music.

6. A video/DVD watching night. Pop some popcorn and grab a box of tissues, then sit Mom down and play her wedding video/DVD and any other video from kids’ birthday parties and bar mitzvahs and confirmations and graduations. And stay with her while she watches them. Mom will love it!

7. Make breakfast. Breakfast in bed is nice for some, but is not something that particularly interests me ( I just don’t like crumbs in my bed). No need to go that far unless the Mom in your life would swoon to be served without setting foot on the floor. But I’d be tickled to wake up to the smell of pancakes or bacon or any other yummy breakfast and go downstairs to enjoy a meal with my family that I didn’t cook. Luxury does not have to be a diamond tiara!

8. Put on a show. Have each person write a song, a skit or a poem about Mom. You’re sure to get laughter and tears and great memories made for all. Don’t forget to videotape it!

9. Plant something. Go to the local nursery or discount store or ask a neighbor to donate a cutting from a favorite plant. A window herb garden is also inexpensive and easy to start. You can get seeds and pots for under $5. Moms are nurturers. We love to watch things grow.

10. Make a donation in her honor. Choose her favorite cause or charity and pledge to donate your time to volunteer, or make a financial donation in her honor. What better way to show her how much of a difference she’s made in your life than to make a difference in someone else’s?

These ten things will cost you little or nothing, but will make your Mom feel special. You don’t have to do these just on Mother’s Day, you can do them all year long…

Give your Mom a hug from me. Moms rock!


5 Responses to “10 Free or Almost-Free Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas”

  1. goodfountain Says:

    would it be tacky of me to anonymously forward this to my husband…

  2. Alison @ This Wasn't In The Plan Says:

    I agree! I always had a hard time figuring out what to get my mom for Mother’s Day. A new shirt or some lotion just didn’t seem to be right. And now I know why, it’s because all she really wanted was me to tell her how much I loved her and appreciated her and mean it! Oh, and be really nice and clean up after myself that day. 🙂

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