Monday Links-A-Lot

The Festival of Frugality was hosted at Frugal For Life this week. It included my article Stamp Prices Are Going Up, Even if You Don’t Care.

More terrific articles to read:

  • I enjoyed The Ethics And Economics Of Used Baby Clothes by Kelly at My $mall C€nts. I have also sold at garage sales, but you get much less there than on consignment or on Ebay. I’m very excited that I just finally found a kids’ consignment store near me. Yay!!! If items were handed down to us I offer them back to the person who gave them, but if they decline I feel no remorse for selling them. I give away many of Son’s clothes, too.
  • Cash Money Life‘s Save Money with Refurbished Electronics is very informative. Now I ‘ll actually consider buying a refurbished product!

The Carnival of Money Stories was hosted at Free From Broke this week. My article My Economic Stimulus Check Didn’t Arrive When Promised!, my most popular article ever, was included. Apparently lots of people didn’t get their checks!

Great posts include:

The Money Hacks Carnival was hosted at Save and Conquer and included my article Bank Fee Phobia. I’ll try not to be insulted that he thought it only “somewhat humorous”.

I also liked:

  • Single Guy Money talks about Reasons to Join A Credit Union. I was in one in college and joined one after I bought my last car to get a really good extended warranty for a really good price. They’re not nearly as hard to get into anymore, either. The one I joined has a branch in my local WalMart!
  • Dough Roller wrote a great roundup of Tax Rebate Deals–Supersize Your Economic Stimulus Payment. I’m not going to be using any of them, but I keep checking back to see if Costco or Publix appears on the list!

I’d also like to thank Quest for Four Pillars for including a link to my post I am a Stay at Home Mom. Here’s How I Finagled My Finances to Make It Happen. in their post Everyman’s Guide to Decreasing Expenses.

I’d also like to thank Donna at MSN MoneyBlog for including Stamp Prices Are Going Up, Even if You Don’t Care in her post Snail-mail bargain: Time to buy forever stamps.

Another great week. Thanks to all the hosts for their hard work, and to all the bloggers for great material!

Edited to add:

I mistakenly left the wonderful Carnival of Personal Finance, hosted this week at the Alpha Consumer Blog at US News and World Report, off of this week’s links.  Mea  culpa.

They did, though, include my post Why Life Insurance for Kids Isn’t Always a Bad Idea along with a ton of other great articles!

Thank you~

3 Responses to “Monday Links-A-Lot”

  1. cashmoneylife Says:

    I don’t think you can go wrong buying refurbished electronics as long as you know what you are looking for.

    Thanks for the mention. 🙂

  2. freefrombroke Says:

    Thanks for the link back to the Carnival of Money Stories!

  3. Kelly from My Small Cents Says:

    Thanks for the mention! It’s good to hear your perspective.

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