Monday Linkfest, Memorial Day Edition

The Festival Of Frugality – If I Had A Car Edition was hosted at The Financial Blogger this week. My post A Little Something is Poison to Emotional Spenders was included.

Also check out:

My article My Economic Stimulus Check Didn’t Include Money for My Kids! was in the Money Hacks Carnival this week, along with several other articles on the Economic Stimulus check.

Also of note:

The All About Celebrities Blog Carnival was hosted at Fashion Trendz and included my article Brushes With Fame.

The Carnival of Personal Finance #153: the Q & A edition was hosted at Money and Values this week. My article Your Safe Deposit Box Isn’t As Safe As You Think It Is was included, and seems to have creeped out quite a few people.

Must reads:

The Carnival of Money Stories was hosted at College of Cash and included my articleThe Best Financial Move I Made in College.

Other articles I liked:

Special thanks to FireFinance for mentioning my post Your Safe Deposit Box Isn’t As Safe As You Think It Is in Sunday Review #21 – From Safety of a Safe Deposit Box to America’s Wake up Call with High Gas Prices.

Also thanks to Moolanomy for including my post A Frugal Girl’s Decidedly Not Frugal Wedding in hisThe Best Wedding Tips and Stories Giveaway.


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