A Lizard Tale

Last night there was a lizard in my sink.

I don’t mind lizards at all. They’re cute and they eat bugs. What more could a girl ask?

When I was trying to catch him to bring him outside I made the mistake of picking him up by the tail.

Which came off in my hand.

And kept moving on it’s own.

That was kinda creepy.

I caught the lizard and brought him safely outside.

When I came back inside the tail was still in my sink.  And still moving.

His tail ended up in my garbage.

I didn’t check this am to see if it was still moving.


2 Responses to “A Lizard Tale”

  1. Funny about Money Says:

    How funny!

    Did you know that sometimes lizards will regrow not one tail but two? Strange little guys, eh?

    I try to catch them inside a jar or glass and then gently slide a piece of paper under them, so they don’t get hurt, to trap them inside. Once they’re in the house, they usually can’t find enough bugs to sustain them and will starve. So if you can get them outdoors, you do them a favor and yourself, too, since they scarf up a lot of annoying critters.

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