Protect Your Privacy and Your Identity with a Free Second Phone Number

Are you like me, loathe to give out your telephone number to stores and businesses, online and off? I don’t want sales calls, or verification of refund calls, or any other call from these businesses. E-mail me if you must (and I have an e-mail account just for this type of thing), but please, don’t call me.

Well, I’ve stumbled across a way around this. A friend today told me about a great way to protect your privacy and your identity.

Ever hear of Free Digits? Its a free Voice Over IP service. You can set up a phone number with them for free, and get:

Free Real US Phone Number
Free Voice mail sent to Email
Free Personalized Greeting
Free Unlimited Incoming Calls
As long as you’re not calling out there’s no charge! And with the free voice mail to email service they send you an e-mail with an MP3 of the message. You get to decide if you want to return the call or not.
Who else is it good for?
  • Home Business Owners who want a second line dedicated to the business.
  • International travelers who want family and friends to be able to keep in touch.
  • Singles on the dating scene who want to be careful with their identity until they get to know people better.
I’m very excited about this. As long as it stays free it its a terrific way to gain control over when and how businesses contact me.

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