At What Price?

So, this working thing.

It was nice to get a check.

It felt good to get my first report filed.

It’s frustrating to try to learn something new and complicated.

I haven’t done much away from home this week, as I’m feeling like I must remain available. We never know when a new job will come in.

Even though technically I could do it from anywhere there’s an internet connection.

At this point, because it’s still so new, it takes too much concentration for me to be able to work and keep an eye on Dan away from home.

So poor Son has been spending too much time here at home. Too much time playing by himself. Too much time watching television.

I don’t like that at all.

So, we’ll see how it goes.

I’d like to make it work.

But not at Son’s expense.


One Response to “At What Price?”

  1. Kate Says:

    Oh, I didn’t realize it was all so time-sensitive – that makes it much less like a work-at-home job and much more like a make-home-an-office job. When I was doing the transcription regularly, it always had deadlines, but I could choose them; sometimes it required a one-day turnaround and other times I had a week or more. So we could still enjoy the stay-home-mom lifestyle and get a check, too. Who needs sleep, anyway?

    Sorry it’s stressful. Change always is. I hope you’re able to find a balance soon.

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