How Much Energy Does That Appliance Use?

Remind me never to get a hot tub. And if I do get a hot tub remind me to make sure it’s insulated and has a cover on it.  Otherwise I’d spend $162.36 per month to heat it, at least according to Duke Energy.

And I have to stop getting on Husband’s back about entering the house through the garage by using the automatic garage door opener.  I’ve heard coins dropping in my head (ka-ching!) every time he does it, but apparently we can use it for up to two minutes per day for only 2 cents a month, at least accorrding to Duke Energy.  Heck, I can be magnanimous.  Go ahead and use it for 4 minutes a day, honey!

Thanks to Duke Energy for compiling a pretty comprehensive list of electrical appliance operating costs.  It makes assumptions about appliance wattage, size and usage and cost per kWh, but what a terrific tool to use to get a pretty clear picture of where you’re spending your electrical dollars.

Just by quickly perusing this list I see where I can immediately cut about $20 per month from my electric bill.  I can’t wait to sit down with Husband and go over the entire list!

And I’ll tell you one thing.  We’ll be buying new LED Christmas Hanukkah lights this year.  Our old lights cost approximately $7.38 per month.  The new LED lights?  Ten cents!  Poor Husband.  He hates hanging lights…


5 Responses to “How Much Energy Does That Appliance Use?”

  1. Lisa Says:

    You have those lights with the big honkin’ bulbs, the ones that look like nightlight bulbs? Because I think THOSE are the ones that cost $7.38 per month to light.

    And thanks for the list! Very cool. I always wondered how much power my kiln used. 😉

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