Escape to Magic Mountain

View from the deck of the house on Magic Mountain

We’re in the mountains of North Carolina visiting my in-laws. They have a wonderful house on top of a mountain, far from the hustle and bustle of civilization. The nearest town is thirty minutes away by car, the nearest hospital forty-five (we found that out last October after Son stuck a pebble up his nose and we had to take him to the emergency room).

There’s something about being here that is good for the soul, and seems to make problems disappear. Husband and I both feel his way, and were looking forward to this trip with a fervor just short of desperation.

We’ve only been here since yesterday morning, and already the mountain’s magic is taking hold. Looking out at the hills and mountains, smelling the fresh clean air. Drinking cold, clean water straight from the tap. Without a water filter, even!

It’s heavenly. Our troubles and challenges don’t disappear, but they sure don’t seem daunting. When we think of them at all. The magic of the mountain…

And something else. Son had sniffles and a slight cough the day before we left. Normally that means three-a-day nebulizer treatments with the probability of a steroid to ease his little lungs. He did three nebulizer treatments at home the day we left, and since we got here there’s been not one cough.

Not one.

That means either the Magic Mountain air made the cough go away. Or it means the nebulizer is doing it’s job (I’m still giving him the treatments, though only two per day since the cough disappeared – and no steroid!!!). Or it could mean he’s outgrowing the asthma.

I don’t care if it’s one or all three. But I sure hope it’s number three, at least in part. And I hope the magic follows us home.

But even if it doesn’t, thanks Magic Mountain.


6 Responses to “Escape to Magic Mountain”

  1. Mompaca Says:

    You are so lucky! What a beautiful place to visit. How is the weather there? Is it hot all day and night or just in the day?

  2. Good Fountain Says:

    Sounds beautiful and … magical!

  3. Funny about Money Says:

    When my son was little he suffered the kind of asthma associated with colds and infections. He did finally outgrow it.

    Sometimes when the smog was bad I would put him in the car and drive out beyond the city limits to get him out of the sink of bad air. The city is in a kind of bowl, so if you drive far enough you can get up out of the worst of the bad air. But o’course I couldn’t afford to stay gone more than a few hours — no chance of staying out of town until the smog season passed.

    Wouldn’t it be lovely to manage to live in such a place? My best friend’s sister and brother-in-law escaped southern California and are renting friend’s vacation house in a lovely quiet spot in the high country. It’s revived their marriage, the kid is thriving, and they’ve discovered they can live comfortably on the underground economy commonplace in a rural setting. Maybe it’s just a matter of changing your attitudes and resetting your priorities….

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