A T-shirt I Definitely WON’T Be Buying…

Last August my friend Kate at One More Thing… asked me to write a few guest posts for her while she was out of town. Though I had a Mommy blog I didn’t have a writing blog, so I was honored, excited and a bit intimidated. I’m so glad she asked me because if she hadn’t this blog would never have been born.

I thought you might enjoy reading my first ever non-Mommy blog posts, so I thought I’d re-post them while I’m out of town. I’m not sure if they will run three days in a row, or if I will post new posts in-between. Let me surprise you. And myself.

Here’s the second post. It was in response to an article that appeared in the Sun-Sentinel about a vicious gang rape of a mother, whose 12-year-old son was forced to participate. This particular article (unfortunately the link no longer works) highlighted the efforts of the mothers of the suspects to get their sons released, going so far as to get T-shirts printed saying something along the lines of “Free (suspect’s name)”.

This article was written a year later (just a few weeks ago) and gives an update.

I ran across this article in my local paper, and I’m completely dumbfounded, and really, really pissed. I had heard about the crime shortly after it happened. A crime so heinous, so vicious, so damaging, so inconceivable before these cruel, evil, stupid boys made it the victims’ reality.

My mind just can’t wrap around how anyone can say these kids are “not that bad” and didn’t deserve to end up in jail. Really? Really?

I get how these kids are at a disadvantage before they are even born. How poverty and discrimination are rampant, and how difficult it is to break out of the cycle of drugs and broken families and violence. I do.

But where do we draw the line, as parents and as citizens? How much will we forgive, or pardon? Our community should pardon their crimes and free them because they had truly, horribly bad childhoods, because they hung with younger kids, and because they love their Moms? Because they were never given the opportunities most of us were? What message does that send to other children who grow up with these same heartaches and make the decision not to wreak misery upon their fellow man?

Would these friends of theirs feel the same way if it had been their mother and little brother that these boys violated?

I’m just so angry – at the accused, at their friends, the parents – even with the reporters who wrote this story. You just can’t humanize the inhumane.

There may very well be good qualities, even lovable things about these kids. I’m sure there are. I even have empathy for them and their families, and that this is what their lives will be defined by.

But that doesn’t outweigh their crimes. Not by a long shot.

I don’t want to understand or accept that in their world this behavior is “not that bad”. This is my world, too.


3 Responses to “A T-shirt I Definitely WON’T Be Buying…”

  1. Funny about Money Says:

    I love it: the paper has removed the “Not That Bad” story. Someone must have asked them how the little sweeties would have qualified for actual “Yes, That Bad”: maybe if they rounded up every mother in West Palm Beach, gassed them all, and got rid of the evidence in a gigantic oven?

    Sorry, but I just don’t buy the “disadvantaged” excuse. Lots of people grow up poor, lots of people grow up in abusive homes. Most of them do not turn into rabid animals. Some humans, let’s face it, are just evil. They start out that way and they stay that way all their lives. Dollars to donuts that defines this set of “not that bad” kids.

  2. learningwoman Says:

    Even reading about it made me feel uncomfortable….

  3. An Eye for an Eye « Are You Going To Be This Way The Rest of The Time I Know You? Says:

    […] better. It’s why I avoid the news much of the time, and when I don’t you get posts like this, this and this (I think that was my best ever post […]

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