We’re Hemmorhaging Money and We Just Can’t Stop!

At least it seems that way…

We’re having a bad month.

We’ve had the following unexpected expenses this month:

  • $300 car repair (and another $300-$500 is looming)
  • $50 nebulizer (Son decided to break his while on vacation)
  • $200 speeding ticket (Husband’s – and not on our trip. On the way to work this morning…)
  • $100 dental bill (and a $500 root canal bill is looming, and probably a few hundred more for miscellaneous cavities soon…)
  • $700 vacation (I’m not going to complain about that – it’s great for a 10 day vacation!)

These are in addition to our regular expenses, and monies I’ve set aside for Son’s birthday party later this month and Husband’s birthday dinner on Saturday.

Some months are just like this. That’s why it’s good that I keep a healthy savings account. These unexpected expenses are a fact of life, and no matter how much we plan and manage and save there are times when we just have to pay. A lot.

The good news is that our Economic Stimulus check will cover all of the month’s unexpected expenses. It was going to go directly to savings, but that’s life. I’m also saving $200 per month now that Son isn’t in school, so that will make up for some of the coming extra expenses.

I had hoped to buy a new screen/storm door, but that’s going to have to wait. Let’s just hope my root canal decides to wait, too.

And today is Husband’s birthday. Guess what I got him?

Yup. A radar detector.


4 Responses to “We’re Hemmorhaging Money and We Just Can’t Stop!”

  1. Kyle @ Rather-Be-Shopping Says:

    We are going through similar financial times currently. Glad the stimulus check is going to help!

    Oh, can I go on vacation with you guys?? I really need a break!

  2. BeThisWay Says:


    We had seventeen people at my in-laws last weekend. I’m not sure anyone would have noticed if a few more had been there…

  3. Funny about Money Says:

    LOL! A radar detector! So much better than a brick to put underneath the gas pedal.

    This seems to be going around…I don’t know anyone who isn’t feeling flat broke this summer. There’s a plague of unexpected expenses visiting us all!

  4. Lisa Says:

    My hubby lusts after a radar detector… but he’ll never get one from me. I feel he takes too many risks when he’s behind the wheel as it is. I don’t have the courage to give him the implicit permission to take any more. I hope P doesn’t abuse it!

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