Take The Park the Car Challenge

The price of gas has all of us, especially those of us with SUVs, crying into our cereal. I’m following lots of tips to save money on gas, but have come to the realization that the best way to save on gas is to simply drive less.

So that’s what I’m going to do.

I’ve started the Park the Car Challenge, and I’m the first to sign up. It’s very simple but not so easy.

What’s the Park the Car Challenge?

Well, you simply park it. The car, that is.

One day per week we’re not going to use the car for anything. No trips to the mall or the grocery store. No Starbucks or Barnes and Noble. And, bless us all, no gas stations.

No driving to the park or the library, but feel free to walk or bike. No driving to a friend’s, but go ahead and invite them over. Heck, you can invite your friends to take The Challenge too, and do things together.

Carpool with other participants to work, to the movies, or out for ice cream. We can really affect the price of gas, try to put the kabash on all that oil speculation, if we reduce our oil consumption. Supply and demand, my friends!

So what did we do on our first week of The Challenge?

We spent the morning making Play-doh poops and potties (at Son’s insistence), and then we went to the pool. While he napped I called my cable company and saved $52 a month, and then I called my cell phone company and saved another $20 a month (I reduced the number of minutes in our plan).

I also straightened up a few things and did some work relaying projects for my job.

So, on the one hand we have no money spent on gas. No money spent on lunch. No money spent at the store. No money spent, period. $70 per month saved on cable and phone bills.

On the other hand we have lots of togetherness. Lots of productivity. Lots of fun.

It was a smashing success!

This won’t work as easily when school starts, but it’s perfect for the dog days of summer. Unless – gasp!- we move our No Drive Day to the weekend.

Hmmm, that could get very interesting…

Do you have what it takes? I know you do! Want to join me?

4 Responses to “Take The Park the Car Challenge”

  1. Patty Says:

    Maybe once I can quit Lowes, we can have a no drive day. Right now though days I don’t work, DH does, and vice versa.

  2. Lisa Says:

    I would theoretically join you, but we already do this a couple days a week. Not specifically for the gas-saving, but because we’re homebodies and like to have recharge days after busy days.

  3. goodfountain Says:

    I am joining you on this, but I already so stay home at least one day a week. But I shall be more deliberate. We’re kind of like Lisa though – we are homebodies.

  4. threadbndr (karla) Says:

    Looking over my schedule Sunday is just to church, breakfast and back – about three miles all told. My mom is almost 89 and has had a stroke, so I drive her.

    Monday to Friday is work (darn city just cut the evening bus service, so there goes my plan to use public transport!!)

    Saturday, though…… I can work on cutting out Saturday driving. New Goal!

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