Sure, We’ll Pay You for Not Delivering the Car…

My father sold my stepmother’s 1999 BMW (in excellent condition, with only 40,000 miles) to my sister and had it transported to Connecticut. Everything was going great until they got to Texas. On a lonesome highway somewhere near Abilene (Okay, I don’t know where in Texas it happened but doesn’t that sound good?) the transporter caught fire and the BMW was destroyed (along with several other vehicles).

That really stinks, doesn’t it? My Dad contacted his insurer. They’ll pay him for the car and then subrogate against the trsansporter’s insurer to get their money back, as they should.

Carey’s Auto Transport is very sorry. So sorry that today they sent my Dad an invoice for the $1320 for the transport.

You know, the transport that didn’t get to Connecticut. The one that only got to Texas…

Them are some mighty big kahunas, aren’t they? After all, they only transported it half way…

Not that THAT matters, as they DESTROYED the CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Dad was under the impression that he might have to pay them in order to get the insurance settlement. The answer to that is a big fat NO.

I’m waiting to see a copy of the contract, but even if the contract says “even if we blow up your car you still have to pay us” it would be a cold day in El Azizia before I’d write that check.

This is going to get interesting.


4 Responses to “Sure, We’ll Pay You for Not Delivering the Car…”

  1. Funny about Money Says:

    That is astonishing.

    It’s probably a computer-generated bill, or one cranked out at a billing service by some poor minimum-wage drudge who has NO IDEA about their fiasco.

    LOL! Your dad should calculate the portion of the distance the truck actually made it and then offer to pay them that.

    No…better not. They might take him up on it. 😮

  2. Almost Frugal The 69th Carnival of Money Stories — almost frugal Says:

    […] Be This Way’s father was almost charged for transporting a car that no longer exists! […]

  3. autoambulance Says:

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