Identity Theft You Don’t Know About

Did you know that your social security number might be being used by someone else without your knowledge? I recently read an article about this that made me angry and afraid for the safety of my identity.

Across America, perhaps millions of U.S. citizens are sharing their identities with undocumented workers who are virtually hiding behind Social Security numbers. They want to work, but Federal regulations require a Social Security number in order to get a job. So what do they do? They buy your social security number in order to meet those hiring requirements.

Yeah. They do.

The data on the subject are incomplete, but each year nearly 10 million workers pay their taxes using the wrong Social Security number. While this can happen for a variety of reasons, most often it involves restaurant and farm workers, suggesting many of those 10 million workers are employees who are using someone else’s SSN to satisfy federal employment requirements.

This article, quoted above, talks about a woman who only discovered the problem when she saw someone else’s name on her 401k account. The colossal mess will take an enormous amount of time, money and energy to untangle, and her identity will literally always be at risk.

That totally stinks. And there’s not really much you can do to protect yourself. Sure, you can keep a good eye on your credit history, but you might not be able to find them by pulling your credit report. The privacy laws can actually prevent you from finding out if someone else is using your very own Social Security number!


Here’s hoping no one ever uses mine. But if they do please let them have a really high paying job so that my Social Security retirement benefits increase. And please, please let them not use my dear old SS# for anything else

One Response to “Identity Theft You Don’t Know About”

  1. Funny about Money Says:

    What a story!

    So…Paulino has held an honest job and paid taxes using Holli’s SS number for a good 20 years, right? So…if Holli has taken some time off to raise her kids, has Paulino been plumping up her record for her future Social Security retirement income? Might she someday qualify for maximum Social Security payments based on Paulino’s contributions, for which she would not otherwise qualify because she stayed home and took care of the next generation and later went back to work at a fraction of what she would have earned had she dumped the kiddies in daycare?

    hmmmm…. Pssst! Paulino, mi amigo! Aqui….

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