Cleaning Up Goop

I had a terrific post written and went to save it and WordPress errored out.  Dadgummit!

Here’s a brief version.

I cleaned my oven today for the first time since I’ve owned it (a little over a year).

It’s self-clean, but the thought of running the oven at 500 degrees for five hours in Florida was unappealing.  Not to mention the energy cost.  And my fear I’d still have to use Brillo pads and elbow grease just like in every other oven I’d shared a home with over the past forty-three years.  And you can’t use Easy-Off on self-clean ovens.  And even if I did use the self-clean feature I thought I’d likely still have to use lots of elbow grease.  And who does that voluntarily?

I avoided and procrastinated instead.  Then I said something very witty about how great it would be if the Olympics gave medals for these things instead of Water Polo and gymnastics.

It was time to clean it, as the oven window was opaque, and we’re putting the house on the market.  Then I found out you can use Easy-Off on self-cleaning ovens.  The angels sang.

It was easy and quick. Spray, leave for two hours and wipe off the goop.  I still had  to use a little elbow grease, but not much.

Now the nosy people smart buyers who look in my oven will think that it’s brand new, or that I don’t cook.

Both are fine with me.

The original article was much better.  Trust me.


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