The Most Financially Irresponsible Question Ever?

I was doing a search for a clarification on a homeowners insurance policy coverage issue and came across this question posted at Yahoo Answers:

Is there a homeowners insurance policy that covers every conceivable method of loss to everything?

Im looking for a homeowners insurance policy that will cover everything and with no deductable. We just bought a house, and im looking for a better policy. I live paycheck to paycheck and dont save a dime of money, it all goes to bills or payments. I would never be able to afford a deductable. Im looking for a policy that will cover every method of loss from flood to alien invasion to tornadoes to fire to war. If a storm hits and frys my $50 toaster, i want it completely covered with no out of pocket loss. If a tree hits our roof I want it completely covered with no deductable and no questions about how it happened. I am very tightly stretched with money and my entire lifestyle and state of life is riding on no unexpected emergency events that leave us with a loss. So now that you know what im looking for does anyone have any reccomendations?


I’m thinking someone posted this as a joke. I hope it’s a joke. I hope there isn’t someone out there who has literally no money for emergency expenses, who is stretched so thin yet still thought it a great idea to buy a house, and that couldn’t even replace their $50 toaster if broken.

Then again, with all of the stories going around lately I’m sure there are many people in the same circumstances as this person. A sinking ship indeed.

They want recommendations. I have plenty, but none of the important ones are about insurance.

I recommend you take a good, hard look at your lifestyle and cut it back.

I recommend you take the highest deductible possible on your insurance so you can have some money to build an emergency fund. No policy covers everything, and even if one were available buying it would be another bad financial decision.

I recommend that if your toaster breaks you replace it with a $10 K-Mart special.

I recommend that you declutter your life and make some money selling that clutter.

I recommend that you get a financial advisor that isn’t reading Yahoo Answers.

I recommend that you get a second job.

I recommend that you wake up and start acting fiscally responsible before you wind up either homeless or dead from the stress.

And I didn’t even mention the spelling and grammar. No use piling on…

Oy. Someone please tell me it was a joke.


One Response to “The Most Financially Irresponsible Question Ever?”

  1. funnyaboutmoney1 Says:

    Naaaahhhh…. It’s gotta be a joke. Or…maybe the person was stoned? Typing with an impaired IQ?

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