My Own Cynical Take on Presidential Politics – Sarah Palin Edition

I am a staunch No Party Affiliation registered voter that grew up in a very liberal Jewish household. I am on the mailing list for both Obama and McCain’s campaigns. The spin is just incredible.

Some friends and I were discussing the choice of Sarah Palin as the Vice Presidential candidate, and a good-natured debate blossomed.

She is fairly inexperienced.

I think it was a brilliant choice. He’ll take most of the women who were voting for Hilary just because she’s a woman, and she’ll satisfy many of the conservatives, too. HE has the experience. She doesn’t need it. McCain’s campaign will totally spin it “Who would you rather have get on the job training – the President or the VP?

Besides, any woman that can be the Governor of a state and still be involved in 5 kids’ lives has to be doing something right!

McCain chose someone he barely knew, and his his choice was insulting to Hillary supporters as McCain thinks they are shallow enough to now vote for him simply because he chose a woman VP.

I’ve read that he’d met her 6 months ago and spoken to her once since, so it’s true he does not know her well. I don’t know if that’s necessarily a negative, though. I mean Obama chose for his running mate someone he’d spoken out against publicly, someone who he insisted he didn’t agree with on many issues, and now they’re bestest buds? I’m not really holding that against Obama, either – that’s the nature of politics, and one of the reasons it’s so distasteful to me. There is just so much hypocrisy.

I think there are many who would have voted for Hilary simply because she is female, just like I think there are many who will vote for Obama just because he is black or McCain just because he is white, and male. There are people that vote for candidates because they’re from the same state, or the same university, or they’re both Elks, or the look like their Cousin Floyd (or not vote for them for that r eason). There are people who will vote for the candidate that looks most likely to win, whether they agree with their politics or not.

There are those that vote either Democrat or Republican or Green, regardless of the merits of the candidate, just because they believe the general philosophy of the party, or they fear the general philosophy of the other parties.

I think Obama’s a hell of an orator, and he’s got charisma galore. I like that McCain is a bit of a maverick. I think both are relatively decent men with different philosophies, and I fear for our country no matter who is elected.

So I will do what I do with every distasteful yet necessary responsibility I have – hold my nose, devote some time to research the issues I feel are most important, tune out the rhetoric and vote.

And appreciate that I live in a country where have the right to do so.

And pray.


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5 Responses to “My Own Cynical Take on Presidential Politics – Sarah Palin Edition”

  1. Jared Says:

    I agree that we will see the “spin” about on the job training, but that, seriously, is a legitimate question. If you really want to compare Obama and Palin’s experience, it isn’t that hard. Slim, maybe a little. But the difference between the two is discernible in this regard. So with that experience factor, who is the safer candidate?

    Though that is not the question to ask. Who agrees with your views is most important and I am glad you have hit on that, unlike many other bloggers I’ve read, who are spinning the story like the best of them.

  2. Alison Says:

    Yes, McCain is the one that needs the experience, unless of course he passes away while in office, then a VP with some experience is helpful. On the flip side, at least the republican ticket offers some executive experience, unlike the democrats. One of my thoughts after Obama chose Biden was why did he choose another senator? Why didn’t he choose a governor or former governor so there could be some leadership experience there. So, while Palin has very little experience, at least she has some experience with the executive branch of the government.

  3. Allison Says:

    I like McCain’s personality, but lately he’s become too much of a Bush boy. And the more I read about Palin, the more solid my vote for Obama-Biden becomes. Palin really disturbs me on so many levels: her illogical conservatism, her inexperience, the way she uses her personal life as some kind of patronizing, holier-than-thou badge.

    As a mother of a child with health issues, I am greatly troubled that a mother of an infant with Down Syndrome and a pregnant teenage daughter would put their own career desires first, without regarding the feelings of her children, who, in addition to clearly needing their mother, now have their private problems exposed to the world. Family values indeed.

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