Can you help Ruthie, or do you know someone who can?

I’m a very firm believer that G-d doesn’t put anything on your plate you can’t handle.  Some people have bigger plates than others.

Kim Clements, a friend of a friend of mine, has a turkey platter.

In addition to having two boys with Asperger’s Syndrome, Kim’s daughter Ruthie has been diagnosed with hypogammaglobinemia, an immune deficiency disorder.  The rare disease is responsible for her asthma, eczema, and severe allergies, and means she hardly ever gets to leave home – and never without a boatload of medications.

“If my other children come home with a cold from school, she goes straight to pneumonia, a simple cut, she ends up with a staph infection, and she had MRSA last year,” said Kim in an interview.

Poor kid.  My son, having  asthma, gets sicker than most from a simple cold.  I know what it’s like to deal with that.  I cannot imagine what it’s like for Kim to deal with, and take care of her two sons, too…

Ruthie has an appointment with a team of doctors in Denver later this month, but getting there is a problem.  Flying commercially puts Ruthie at great risk for illness, and she likely needs to be fairly healthy for her Denver evaluation.

So my friend e-mailed me and asked me if I’d help get the word out.  You never know who knows someone who knows someone who can make something happen.  And since Ruthie’s story has been picked up by the local news I think there’s a good chance that the right someone will see the story and want to help.  Still, they may not be TV watchers, so I’m putting it out to the blogosphere.

So, I’m asking bloggers to you please write your own story, or link back to this one or the TV spot. And I’m asking everyone to pass the word.

Pretty please?

If you would like to help Ruthie get to her September 24th doctor’s appointment, you can e-mail Kim Clements at


One Response to “Can you help Ruthie, or do you know someone who can?”

  1. copyeditorsdesk Says:

    Does she need someone to fly her in a private plane?

    Lemme know: funnyaboutmoney at the gmail place.

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