Lessons in Patience

My son started school last week, and already they are giving homework. It’s just writing letters, but since Son has always exhibited a huge lack of interest in writing he’s just not that good at it.

I was so proud when he started to write his name, and he seemed to pick it up quickly. As soon as he did it he immediately lost interest in letters, preferring numbers instead. The interest in numbers waned quickly too, and for the past several months the only thing he’s written or drawn are toilets and urinals.

Yes, I said toilets and urinals. And those not that often. I kept offering coloring and writing, but didn’t push it since I knew I’d have him in school 5 days a week this fall. And I didn’t want to turn him off to writing by demanding that he do so…

So here we are, and he can make all of the letters, just not well. So he’s gotten homework, and as we sat down to do it last night I was willing and eager to assist him in writing better.

What I didn’t count on was his complete lack of interest and attention, and his utter lack of understanding that it was time to be serious. I also didn’t count on the effect my raging hormones would have on the entire process.

It was not pretty. Suffice to say that we both ended up in time out.


So tonight Husband – the same Husband that when G-d was handing out patience thought He said “syphilis” and ran in the other direction – took it upon him self to print up some handwriting practice sheets. He sat down with Son and practiced writing for quite some time, showing enthusiasm and great interaction and patience, none of which I had when I sat down with Son.

I learned several things from this wonderful event. First, I think homeschooling is definitely OUT, at least with me as the educator. Second, I really should do as the ancients did and go live in a cave when I’m menstruating. Society would be safer. Seriously.

Third, my Husband, whom I have known for twenty-three years, does indeed have patience. And, three to five days a month, he has more than I have.

Who woulda thunk?


3 Responses to “Lessons in Patience”

  1. Lisa Says:

    I love when husbands show off a whole new side of themselves that we didn’t even know existed. Of course now he won’t get away with being impatient again, you know his secret!

  2. BeThisWay Says:

    Unfortunately, Lisa, my knowledge of Husband’s secret hasn’t had any effect at all on his lack of patience in other areas. I can still dream…

  3. Carnival of Family Life — Colloquium Says:

    […] presents Lessons in Patience posted at Are You Going To Be This Way The Rest of The Time I Know […]

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