Dollar Tree Has a Few Less Leaves…

You’d think I wouldn’t run screaming from the thought of a second post about aluminum foil, but apparently I’m a glutton…

They’re not even trying to be sly about it anymore.

Today Son and I went to the Dollar Tree, my favorite dollar store. My local store sometimes carries the bread we use, at less than 1/2 the price I pay at Costco. Sure, it’s at the end of it’s freshness, but I just pop it into the freezer and take it out when we need more. It’s fine! So, whenever I am in the area I stop by and buy 2 or three loaves.

Today they didn’t have our bread, but of course I cannot enter without browsing. After all, Christmas is only 113 days away.

I went to check out their aluminum foil. I don’t typically buy aluminum foil there anymore. Their supplier evidently changed, and the new stuff is more like cellophane than aluminum foil. It is awful. That said, I sometimes buy their heavy duty, as sometimes I need the wider sheets. It’s not as good as your normal heavy duty foil, but it is almost as good as regular foil. Which is about as much as I could hope for.

I approach the shelf, and this is what I see…

Hmmmm. Which one should I choose?

Hmmmm. Which one should I choose?

Hmmm. 27 feet for $1? Or 30 feet for $1? Which should I choose….?

Gee, Dollar Tree. You’re not even trying to pretend we’re getting as much as we were before (Psst! Next time get rid of all the non-shrinkrayed product before putting out the new, better, lesser stuff!).

Really, I get it, Dollar Tree. Less product makes sense for you. Otherwise you’d have to rename yourself to Dollar-or-so Tree, or Dollar-and-a-half Tree, or More Than a Dollar Tree…

Well, it wasn’t a total loss. I bought the most wonderful fuzzy socks for all my gal friends for Christmas. Seriously , if you’ve not felt the fuzziness against your feet you are missing out…


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