The Sunday Afternoon Linklet

I entered a few carnivals this week, as I get back into regularly submitting.

I made the submission deadline for Carnival of Personal Finance #170, hosted this week at The Personal Financier. My post You’re going to give me $50,000 to do what? appeared there along wth tons of other great articles, and the host was right that my title made it a must-read, if the hits on that article are any indication. Thanks!

I also entered The BoBo Carnival of Politics – Sept 14, 2008 Edition. This was a carnival I’d not entered before, so thanks to The Bobo Files for including my post My Own Cynical Take on Presidential Politics – Sarah Palin Edition.

Finally, I entered The Carnival of Money Stories, hosted this week at The Copyeditor’s Desk. Thanks so much for including my post Who’s Sniffing You?

That’s it for this week. Next week is going to be a big one, as I think I wrote some pretty good posts this week and entered lots of carnivals.

Happy Sunday!

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