Free (If you don’t count that your privacy was already violated) Credit Reporting for up to Nine Months…

Transunion Credit Reporting Agency was very naughty.  If you held a credit card between January 1, 1987 to May 28, 2008 they sold our information to businesses without our permission.  As a result people filed lawsuits, which were combined into a class action, and a settlement has now been worked out.

Since we weren’t the ones who filed the lawsuit, or lawyers for either side, we are not going to get a brazilian dollars.  Dadgummit.

We can, however, get free credit monitoring for up to 9 months, depending on the option we choose, beginning after the case and appeals is settled.

You can choose one of these options:

1.  Free credit report monitoring for six months, plus cash if there’s any money left over in settlement fund and you still get to sue them if you want;

2.  All the benefits of option one but you can’t sue them any further, or

3.  Nine months of credit monitoring, access to some free credit scores, and free use of TransUnion’s mortgage simulator service – but no cash payment.

Today is the last day to register to take part, so head here to register or call 1-866-416-3470.


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