The first Clay Aiken. But not gay. Not that it matters.

Remember Rick Astley?

He was the baby-faced, soulful singer that many thought was pulling a Milli, but instead was gifted with a wonderfully rich voice that made girls all over melt, even though he wasn’t traditionally handsome – at least not in high-waisted acid wash jeans.

He did one of my favorite 80’s songs, Never Gonna Give You Up, and a also had a few other hits in the late 80’s.

Good stuff, that.

Still, when he took a crack at the standard When I Fall in Love I couldn’t help but melt. And Rick? Looking much better in the trench, dude.

Just thought I would share.

Now Clay did Solitaire.

(Sorry, Rick. He gets the embed because I couldn’t embed yours.)


Terrific stuff.

There’s no other point to my post. Clay Aiken reminds me of Rick Astley. A huge voice in a surprising package.

Discuss. Or not.

4 Responses to “The first Clay Aiken. But not gay. Not that it matters.”

  1. Kim Says:

    WOW! What a stunningly gorgeous voice! And Clay’s not bad to look at either. Thanks for bringing this to us.

  2. Picco Says:

    I think you are right . Both guys have HUGE voices wrapped in boy next door looks . Too bad Rick’s videos can’t be embedded . I am a fan of both singers .

    To quote your blog title : The first Clay Aiken . But not gay . Not that it matters .

    I think you are right again . It doesn’t matter . So… why bring it up ?

  3. BeThisWay Says:


    It was stream of consciousness. Clay’s coming out has been all over the news, so when I was comparing the two that fact popped into my mind, then I immediately thought to myself that it doesn’t matter.

    Then it reminded me of a Seinfold episode (I just looked it up – the episode called “The Outing”), and that made me chuckle, so I kept it.

    I am easily amused.

  4. Lisa Says:

    I can’t believe you actually Rickrolled your own blog… and even told us you were rickrolling us. LOL!

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