Sunday Linklet

I only entered one Carnival last week, The Carnival of Personal Finance. My article did not appear, and I’m going to assume it’s an error on their part and not that they didn’t find merit in the article I submitted.

That said, my article Easy and Frugal Halloween Costume and Makeup Ideas got included in Remodeling This Life’s roundup, and Miss Thrifty re-posted the Handbag giveaway on her blog and nicely linked back to the blog, so thanks very much to both of you!

Have a great week!


Edited because Miss Thrifty told me my article WAS included.  For some reason I don’ thave a trackback showing, and wound up looking at the carnival from the week previous (that apparently was re-posted on the 14th (the day after the next carnival) due to some type of data crash, making me think THAT was the most recent one).  And I don’t expect you to understand all that, but I do so I know I’m not a complete idiot; just a partial one.

Anyhoo, my article Financial Instability Aftershocks Affect Your Credit, Too was included in the Carnival of Personal Finance, hosted at Greener Pastures.  Thanks!!!



One Response to “Sunday Linklet”

  1. Miss Thrifty Says:

    Oh, you are very welcome! Thanks for your original post, which inspired me to enter the handbag competition in the first place. Sadly, I didn’t win the bag of my dreams – grrrrrrrrrrr!

    P.S. I can see your post in the Carnival of PF! It’s in the Credit section.

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