Deal of the Day October 25, 2008

Click on the link below to see the back!

Click on this link to see the back of this cute Tee!

Want to get a FREE purchase at Old Navy?

If you are one of the first people to enter the store Saturday or Sunday you get a chance to get your purchase FREE!

Not only that, beginning at 11 am they will be giving free T-Shirts out to children who come in for their Halloween Party wearing their costumes. How fun!

In addition, they will be passing out candy. Even better ( for the kids, that is ).

I was in there yesterday to return something and the clearance sales were fantastic! We didn’t need anything, but I couldn’t resist the T-shirt pictured above, which was only $4 in store!

BUT, before dressing those little ghosts and goblins up, click here to find the phone number for your local Old Navy and call to doublecheck that your store is participating!

Happy Halloween!


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